Fable II Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Choose you character, male or female.
Loading screen always displays the place you are currently visiting.
Opening cinematic.
Getting warm by the fire with your sister.
Game lets you do various things, such as kicking a chicken.
You will be prompted to press LT button when camera can center on the place of attention.
Mystical Murgo will trade you for many peculiar and magical items.
Quests and maps.
As you move or skip to locations, time will pass and the night and day cycles will also occur.
Difficult quests will earn you more experience points.
Bloodstone, a town at sea.
You must pause the game if you want to check the map.
Your actions will yield different reactions in the people around you.
You can check what people think about you.
Oakfield at night.
Donating money to the Temple of Light.
If you eat too much, you will grow fat, but you'll still be able to wear any outfit.