Fable III Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Loading screen
You can interact with citizens
This is the game menu, your private rooms
Here you receive items from the shop or other players as gifts
Your armory
Your wardrobe
An example of some weird outfit. You can change the colors of your clothing to your liking.
The multiplayer options
Your statistics
Your trusty companion in Albion ... your dog
You can also interact with your dog like calling for him or throwing balls
Citizens who like you may offer you presents, as indicated by a gift icon above their head
A small encampment full of brigands
Hobs in the distance ...
... lets fight them
A small manor owned by you as indicated by the golden icon
Game supports multiplayer where you can travel with another player though Albion
The detailed map of a location also shows quests (as usual indicated by the exclamation mark)
Another area to explore, this time an industrial one
You can buy houses to increase your income
A shop in the market
A store selling clothes.
One of the mini games, this time pressing the correct button as indicated by the colored bar
Every citizen has it's own opinion of the hero
The entrance hall of your castle
Your throne were you decide the fate of Albion later on.
And there is your (well one of many) lovely wife, which you can either divorce or kiss
We decide to kiss
One of your children in another town
You can also shop haircuts to change your appearance
Another mini game .. chicken run
Time to sweat in the desert
Hey, my hat just looks like yours
Ho matey!
Attacking people in the town changes their opinion of you
and some will cower in fear
while others just will hate you
You can either melee with hammers or axes
or shoot the enemies with rifles and pistols