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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Xbox 360)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Credits


Produced and Directed ByPaul Weaver
Associate ProducerRosalie Kofsky
Lead DesignerJase Chones
Lead Concept ArtistMichael Stribling
Lead Environment ArtistFrank Robbins
Lead AnimatorAndy Welihozkiy
Lead Character ArtistKurt Lai
Lead ProgrammerTrevor Stricker
Lead GFX ArtistJon Heiner
DesignersMichael A. Lubuguin, Evan Boehler
Additional DesignTed Brown, Steven C. Smith
Environment ArtistsLucas Aceituno, Collin Fogel, Jeremy French, Jared Kuharski, Roberto Moreno
Character ArtistsJason Justice, Myk Suavillo, Christopher Won
FX ArtistsJohn Edwards, Melanie Walcheck
Concept ArtistsKevin Evans, Anthony Yau
UI ArtistsQuinn Kaneko, John Lee
Additional ArtworkJason Anderson, Peter Dollack, Dan Lyons, Steven Pawlick, Alison Kellom, Chris Webb
AnimatorsDerek Bledsoe, Dan Lavender, Jason Porter
Additional AnimationMatt Carter, Kevin Jackson
RiggersRichard Katz, Jesse Rademacher
ProgrammersSteven An, Marc Fletcher, Richard Jobling, Dushan Leska, Alex Ni, Zhe Peng, Eric Tong, Samuel Watson
Additional ProgrammingYar Woo
QA AnalystsJustin Chuan, Nate Rodriguez
Director of TechnologyTim Walter
Lead Library EngineerIvar Olsen
Libary EngineersBoris Kazanskii, Jason Dorie, Pavel Senyushkin, Benny Barcellos
Additional TechnologyChristopher Larson, Nathan Bamberger
Special ThanksScott L. Patterson, Rob Nelson, Gregory A. Thomas, Rob Roudebush, Larry Peacock, Matthew Crysdale, Alvin Cardona, *Supportive Families*
Independant Concept ArtShane White, Eddie Smith, Eric Ng, Gino Whitehall, Víctor Martínez Gascón, Erich Rigling

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