Far Cry 3 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Inventory screen
Shop menu, where you can also buy maps
Item screen. Items and Equipment can be upgraded using animal skins
In order to get skins, you have to go hunting
Once you killed an animal, you need to skin it
You need to gather plants in order to create syringes, which can boost different skills for a short time
Containers contain loot which can be sold
Map view
One type of collectible in the game, letters from Japanese soldiers
The camera is used to tag enemies and animals
Checkpoints usually have an alarm system, which can be disabled here
Sneaking onto an unaware enemy ... I think you know the result
Liberating outpost nets you experience
One of three skill trees
Information about local animals
Weapons can be upgraded and painted
Start screen
The graphics really provide a nice tropical feeling
Do you dare to jump? You sometimes have to make some weird jumps in order to reach well hidden collectibles.
Driving around in a jeep with a nice bobble head
Do not get over excited by the scenery ...
... you will be attacked by wild animals, even big birds.
Every jungle also has some nice temples ...
... with even better inhabitants!
Drugs are used sometimes in the game, which result in weird dream sequences
The island has a lot of Japanese history to explore
Besides land vehicles, you can also user boats and hang gliders
Once you climbed a radio tower, you can quickly descend it by rappeling
Liberating a radio tower provides a surround view of the close neighborhood .... Assassins Creed anybody?
Take the heat to the enemy
but watch out for those monitor lizards
Factions will also fight between themselves and you can watch from a safe distance
You can play poker as a minigame
Meet Buck, a real weirdo
Hidden temples ...
... and lost ships inside large caves. Too bad they can not be explored to the full extent you can see
Other people in the game are also on drugs sometimes, really weird scene
Your place to buy ammo and weapons
This is not what it looks like ... it is funny nonetheless
Stats page of what you have already done in the game and what is still to be conquered