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My personal interest lies more in the actual in-game action. But for those who want to be more hands on with your team, stick with current gen. Also, truly hardcore gameplay enthusiasts may still want to get their kicks from Konami's stellar but complicated annual kick-around. but for the time being, FIFA's got my attention.
Without the managerial or chemistry considerations of the Xbox FIFA, this title is little more than a giant tournament - one that you can eve replicate on the current-gen FIFA.
Gamesmania.de (Dec 11, 2005)
Sicherlich ist FIFA 06: Road to World Cup nicht perfekt, es stören vor allem die heftigen Ruckler in den Replays und die wenigen Spielmodi, doch für einen Kick zwischendurch macht mir die WM-Qualifikation in der meines Erachtens tollen Präsentation viel Spaß. Lediglich der starke Unschärfeeffekt und der zuweilen eigenartige Plastiklook trüben den Gesamteindruck. Spielerisch darf man zwei Monate nach FIFA 06 sicherlich keine Wunder erwarten, das Gameplay ist ansprechend für einen FIFA-Titel, kommt aber nicht ansatzweise an PES 5 heran. So bleibt letztlich nur die Frage, warum EASports nicht einfach FIFA 06 für die Xbox360 umgesetzt und die WM-Qualifikation als Bonus genommen hat, so sieht das ganze leider etwas nach Abzocke aus, schließlich kommt schon im Mai das offizielle Spiel zur Fußball-WM. Dann funktioniert hoffentlich auch der hier unspielbare Online-Modus tadellos.
Kombo.com (Nov 21, 2005)
It will take a while to see where FIFA will be when it comes down to how it’s presented amongst the other sports titles, but EA has done a fine job with this and left itself to improve on some things, such as the lighting on players, possibly adding more modes for the gameplay freaks, and, hopefully, installing the league clubs along with the national clubs so that players can run through the English Premiere League and run through something resembling the FA Cup. If you’re looking for a soccer title at launch for the 360, this a great start for you. Hopefully, there will be a Winning Eleven title for the 360 soon for comparison, and the next great soccer rivalry will begin.
Next Level Gaming (Nov 27, 2005)
Soccer has finally come to the next-generation. FIFA Soccer marks the first next-gen Soccer game from EA Sports. But as we're seeing from many games so far, the next-generation is not quite here yet. EA Sports has taken their games, and instead of just copying over their current gen games, they have been rebuilding the games from the ground up. But in doing that, they have stripped down their games and taken out key game modes and things that made their current gen games so great. I was hoping for a middle ground, but so far haven't gotten one. However, FIFA on it's base isn't all that bad an Xbox 360 game. I was just hoping for more.
GameZone (Nov 29, 2005)
Leave it to EA Sports to help introduce a new gaming system with its own brand of excellent sports titles. The Xbox 360 is here and it’s every bit as good as we imagined it would be and with its launch we’re seeing some EA Sports games that range from Madden NFL to NBA Live. Thankfully soccer fans haven’t been left out and FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup is here to show off the power of Microsoft’s new console. Then again it might just disappoint those fans who think it’s the same experience as FIFA Soccer 06 for the original Xbox only with a visual upgrade.
Totally Gaming Network (Jan 17, 2006)
It's not all bad though, as I still find myself dipping in on a daily basis for a FIFA fix which must be said can often not be satisfied due to the utter cheating savagery of online gamers. Well, maybe I'm not quite as good as I thought I was, but at least I can beat my friends. And that's probably where you'll find me. After playing through one RTWC Campaign, there really is no need to return to try again, bar unlockables and achievements, none of which I find enough to entice me back in. However, like I said, FIFA is an addictive beast, and it's one I'll continue to feed until PE5 makes its way to Xbox 360, or the official licensed game takes ?40 from my wallet. Until, online it is!
Jeuxvideo.com (Dec 02, 2005)
Avec le même gameplay et la même bande-son que sur 128 bits, FIFA 06 : En Route Pour La Coupe Du Monde apporte beaucoup au niveau graphique mais pèche par une durée de vie très limitée. Si vous êtes fan de la série, vous y prendrez forcément du plaisir mais il ne faut pas s'attendre à avoir beaucoup de possibilités de jeu. Ce sera donc selon les goûts pour cet opus exclusivement consacré aux sélections nationales. En résumé, on ne peut pas dire qu'Electronic Arts ait gâté les joueurs 360 qui vont devoir patienter une année avant de pouvoir jouer avec des clubs sur la console de Microsoft...
1UP (Nov 15, 2005)
What is also strangely fun is this new thing EA Sports is doing with its sports games while they're loading. NBA Live does a great job with this too, and I hope it marks the start of a trend that everyone picks up on. While FIFA is loading it dumps you in an indoor arena and lets you take shots on goal and fool around practicing moves that you'll never reliably manage to pull off during a real game.
IGN (Nov 16, 2005)
Before the gushing begins about how fun the next generation of FIFA is to play, it must be said that FIFA 06: Road To FIFA World Cup is a major disappointment. No, that doesn't mean this Xbox 360 launch title is not a good game, but with a scant selection of game modes and only international teams included, it begs the question: Why isn't this game better?
Fragland.net (Feb 02, 2006)
FIFA 06 on the current consoles appealed to me quite a lot. It was clear that the devteam put gameplay as first priority and you could feel that. With high expectations I was therefore looking forward to putting FIFA 06: Road to the World Cup into my Xbox 360 some time ago. The same fun but with improved graphics, what could be wrong with that?
Play.tm (Apr 24, 2006)
Overall, Fifa 06 RTFWC is a surprisingly promising game marred by many striking (excuse the pun) shortcomings. The gameplay formula feels somewhat well balanced despite its simplistic approach. While Fifa is still not up there with the mighty Pro Evolution series just yet, in terms of gameplay it is a large improvement over the Fifa 06 game launched back in October. However the biggest problem this game has is the sheer lack of play time offered in its main single player mode. The fact that you can only qualify for the World Cup and not play the whole thing paves the way for EA to make a quick buck later in the year with the predictable World Cup tie-in they have already announced. While this game is definitely worth a rent or borrowing off a friend, its serious lack of substance makes it difficult to justify the £49.99 RRP price tag unless you simply cannot delay satisfying your football fix on the Xbox 360 or are intending to make full use of the online service provided.
While FIFA 06 isn't a bad game by any means, it isn't something that is accessible to everyone. I was disappointed by it because I was looking for a soccer game that could throw me into the international phoenominon and this simply isn't the one. It's still a decent game, and I found myself having trouble putting it down after I got a feel for the controls, but it's not worth your $60 unless you're looking for the high-definition graphics of the Xbox 360 or you're a soccer fan with nothing else to play.
Planet Xbox 360 (Feb 21, 2006)
All in all the single word to sum up the first soccer game on the Xbox 360, Fifa '06 is “blah”. It gets the job done in terms of visuals and audio, you just cannot beat that grass hands down. But the gameplay and lackluster features will drag this game through the dirt and back, unless you are a hardcore Fifa fan pick this up at the local rental store just to see the grass and take out a few Frenchman just for kicks. Wait for Fifa ‘07 to come out, I have a feeling that one will be much more featured and have the finished feeling that we have come to know from the Madden titles.
DreamStation.cc (Mar 03, 2006)
All in all FIFA 06 is much more flash than substance. While the graphics are noticeably better than the current generation, the game just isn’t fun. I just didn’t enjoy playing it. It was a fairly hard game to review. I was glad to have some friends who enjoyed soccer help me out, and the fact that they didn’t dig the game too much either made me feel more confident in my decree. I’m tired of paying for rushed, minimal next-generation games. Save some money, and get a more complete game by sticking with the current generation.
Daily Game (Jan 23, 2006)
If the trend of stripped-down games continues to plague the Xbox 360, there are going to be a lot of very unhappy gamers. Even shallow gamers expect more out of their system than just pretty high-definition graphics. Gamers are looking for more of everything, including options within the game and ways to improve on what might have already been a good game. And FIFA 06 definitely needs more of everything.
GameSpot (Nov 21, 2005)
When it arrived in stores last month, the Xbox version of FIFA 06 was undoubtedly EA Sports' best soccer game to date. Now, less than two months later, FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup has been released for the Xbox 360, and the Xbox version of FIFA 06 is still EA Sports' best soccer game to date. How can that be the case? At the very least, FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup must be the same game that was released for the Xbox but with better graphics, right? Wrong. FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup is inferior to its Xbox counterpart in just about every way imaginable, and is undoubtedly one of the most disappointing games available for Microsoft's new console at launch.
4Players.de (Dec 09, 2005)
Ich bin enttäuscht. EA hat zum einen die Chance verpasst, seine Fußballserie mit dem Debüt auf der Xbox 360 in neue spielerische Bahnen zu lenken, denn es hat sich nichts in Sachen Ballphysik, Dynamik oder KI getan. Immer noch rollt der Ball wie am Faden durch die Reihen, immer noch fehlt ihm die Schwere. Dieser schreckliche Stillstand ist eine Steilvorlage für all jene, die mit einem Wechsel zu Pro Evolution Soccer 5 liebäugeln. Der Umfang wurde sogar beschnitten, denn es gibt keine Club-, nur Nationalteams, keine echte WM als Belohnung und die Qualifikation als solche wurde alles andere als dramatisch inszeniert. Zum anderen, und das ist vollkommen unverständlich, scheitert man an der Präsentation: Mal abgesehen von den Rucklern stört mich vor allem der Patchworkstil aus Fotorealismus und Plastikfiktion, aus Schärfe und Weichzeichnung. Es gibt einfach zu viele Brüche, kein harmonisches Gesamtbild.
Gaming Age (2005)
For a game that shows great promise on the field, all the extras really bring the game down. It is hard to recommend FIFA Soccer 2006 for anyone looking for a single player experience, as with the lack of options, they will likely grow tired of it quickly. Gamers looking for some great multiplayer soccer action, it doesn’t look or sound much better than this, so a pick up may be in the cards for you. No matter which profile you fit, it is certain that EA has some work to do next season if they are to attract gamers to shell out 60 dollars again.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 17, 2006)
I sound a bit like a broken record on this, but next year EA's sports games will be hitting their full stride, which I'm looking forward to already. If you're a soccer nut FIFA 06 is your only fix for the Xbox 360, but it'll probably disappoint you with a complete lack of "standard" features.
Video Game Talk (Feb 13, 2006)
If not already obvious, FIFA 06: Road to the FIFA World Cup should be avoided to the utmost extent. The game is a waste of precious gaming time and hard earned money. I can't even recommend this title to the dedicated soccer brethren that love the sport so dearly. Save your money for next year's effort in hope that EA Sports will actually produce a FIFA game worth playing.
Unless you're an insanely rabid fan of the sport, purchasing two soccer titles a year will seem a little crazy. With some extra time, EA pulled off a far better game in World Cup. The road getting there can hardly be considered in-depth.
Game Revolution (Nov 21, 2005)
In the end, FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup lets the goalie out of the box by telling us the name of the game's only mode right there in the title. What it fails to mention is that there's nothing else here for FIFA, Winning Eleven, or soccer fans in general. If you don't have that luxury of getting this free with a haircut or something, you may want to adopt this game much later and for less money.
GameSpy (Nov 22, 2005)
The developers of FIFA 06 have made to qualms about it: this title isn't as in depth in regard to modes as the current-gen games. With every special edition soccer game comes a certain degree of cost. Any EA soccer title, from FIFA: World Cup Soccer 2002 to last year's Euro 2004 tends to lose the elements of gameplay that give the regular editions so much replay value. This year's next-gen installment is no exception. Underneath the beautiful graphics that have left so many people transfixed is, at its core, a very simple game that, metaphorically speaking, resembles chewing gum. When you first pop it in, it's extremely flavorful and pleasant. After a while, though, it loses its flavor and becomes a grind.
When it was first announced that a FIFA game would arrive on Xbox 360 launch day it must have been welcome news for many fans of the series. Indeed had the game been a graphically superior version of FIFA 06 it would have certainly been a game to recommend. However, although it has FIFA 06 in the title the game has nothing in common with the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox versions of FIFA 06. The game can actually be quite enjoyable when played as a multiplayer game but those looking for single-player football action would be better with an Xbox football title that's compatible with the Xbox 360 or waiting for the football games that are sure to appear in 2006.
X-Power (Dec 24, 2005)
Heb je eenmaal de Belgen naar het WK geloodst en de vriendschappelijke bekers in de wacht gesleept, dan is de ontnuchtering groot als je ontdekt dat het eigenlijke WK geeneens aanwezig is in het spel. Al dat bloed, zweet en tranen voor niets! Behalve wat eigenhandig gecreëerde toernooien organiseren met landenteams en online sessies is er niets meer te beleven in FIFA 06 RTFWC. Een erg mager beestje voor die prijs. Wil je voetballen op de Xbox 360? Koop dan Pro Evolution Soccer 5 op Xbox, die tevens afspeelbaar is op de 360!
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Nov 28, 2005)
Really, to describe what EA has produced here as dreadful would be to do a terrible disservice to things that merely inspire dread. It's a game that not only fails to live up to the potential inherent to the new graphics and processing hardware at its disposal, but arguably in its failure manages to raise valid questions and concerns about everybody else's attempts to wield said technical advances as tools of realism, because it exposes so expertly the potential flaws in this approach. In a sense, it's not only awful, but it's also sabotaging everybody else's efforts at the same time. As a game, it's not much better. I like football, I like football games; I find it hard to recognise this in either category.