Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Main menu.
The Purge train heads toward its destination.
Lighting helps the other passengers break free.
Traveling in exploration mode.
These kiosks act as both save points and stores.
Snow journeys with the group to save his cursed fiancee.
No more random encounters. You can see and avoid all battles.
Party screen.
Inventory screen for each character.
The Crystarium is where you direct each character's RPG growth.
Boss battle.
Chain hits to stagger enemies, making them weaker to further attacks.
Call up learned info on enemies during battle to refine your tactics.
Paradigm shift during battle to change each fighter's specialty on the fly.
Sneak up on enemies to get a preemptive strike.
Standing atop a lake flash-frozen into crystal.
Party allies auto-use learned magic when appropriate.
Snow in the seaside town of Bodhum, where the whole tragedy begins.