Gears of War 2 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Marcus Fenix is the main protagonist of the Gears of War series.
Standing way too close to that Flame Boomer.
The war journal records your multiplayer statistics, collectibles and achievements.
Dom and Marcus inside the Jacinto hospital. This is where the campaign begins.
The "Mulcher" heavy machine gun in action
Looks like the Locust Horde is going to win another match.
Theron Guard armed with a Torque Bow
Chainsaw Bayonet duel
Lt. Minh Young Kim is cutting a Locust into pieces.
Tai Kaliso - a new character featured in the campaign and multiplayer matches.
The key to success and survival in Gears of War is the effective use of cover!
Dom is firing at a Boomer who is reloading his Boomshot.
Playing a multiplayer Horde match on the "Security" map.
You know this guy if you played the first Gears of War.
Dizzy Wallin is waiting for the Locust who raises his head...
Watching the firefight between Tai and the Beast Rider.
Cole Train in close-combat with a Locust Grenadier
The Kantus has lost his head.
Three Locust warriors were too much for Anthony Carmine.
Playing an Execution match on the "River" multiplayer map.
Four COG soldiers are guarding the ring in a "King of the Hill" match.
Several well placed shots are needed to kill a big enemy like this Grinder.