Gears of War 3 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Loading screen
Main menu
Your multiplayer character and statistics
Your achievements
Additional challenges to unlock ingame features
The status of the collectibles
The ribbons your earned in multiplayer
Medals you earned in multiplayer
Multiplayer Leaderboard statistics
Marcus in the intro
When you see this COG sign, there is usually a tag nearby to collect
Switching to the objective view blurs your screen
Your main enemy in the game ... the Locust
Say "hello" to a corpser
The corpser protects its vital areas
Prologue is over, time to start the action
The now common ingame tutorial explains the buttons
Dom is growing plants ...
but he is taking up arms for his buddy Marcus
There is some weird growing "plants" outside the window ... smells like trouble
You can interact with some objects in the game
Weapon selection
There is the trouble ... although only small ones
There is the big one!
Enemies also take cover, so be prepared for tough battles
Aiming grenades displays an arc for throwing guidance
I'm a lumberjack an' I'm okay
This happens if you mess with Fenix!
The game features a mode called beast ...
... where you take the role of the Locust to attack the humans
The player as a wretch hunting humans
People turned to ashes ... so sad
Player flying in a barge and aiming with a stationary gun
A multiplayer mode called horde, where you have to survive waves of enemies
Aiming at a Gunker in the distance
In horde mode, players can build and upgrade fortifications in order to survive the waves if enemies
Sometimes you get a special objective in a wave. Reaching the goal rewards you with additional weapons.
Holding your ground against the Locust
Crew's quarters
Taking out the incoming crawlers
Some enemies go out in a big bang
Using mounted saw in close combat
Use the vehicle for cover
Erupting enemies
Battle in the skies
Highway patrol
That's one big sea monster