Gears of War: Judgment Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Start screen
Main menu
Weapon Skins (Multiplayer)
Character selection (Multiplayer)
Character skins (Multiplayer)
Baird is the main character this time.
Look for those markings to make missions more difficult.
Get more experience points by following the markings.
Summary screen
Each declassification adds different modifiers to the mission.
Using the scope of the markza.
A new weapon, the markza
Hurry up, or the Hammer will hit you.
Achievement progress is shown in-game.
Using the sights of a turret.
You will earn prize boxes for reaching levels and experience.
Onyx Ammo Caches will fill your entire ammo.
Deploy sentinels to help you repel enemy waves.
Another new weapon, the Breechshot
Pay attention in this level, or you will encounter a lot of Serapedes.
Mission with smoke reducing sight due to declassifying.
Prize boxes contain experience.
Skins can also be found in prize boxes.
Ribbon progress
This city sure has its problems.
A new enemy, the Rager
Poison gas increases difficulty.
Use the Tripwire Crossbow to set traps.
Use the turret to kill a serapede.
Sentinels will run out of ammo.
The usual collectibles: COG tags
Bloodmount charge
Note the new boomshield.
Use the Booshka to lob grenades.
Get used to being overrun by the big guys.
Some like it hot ... the berserker obviously not.
Omaha beach in Gears of War
Now the Locust try landing on the beaches.

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