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Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 (Xbox 360)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Credits

Bizarre Creations

Game DesignStephen Cakebread
ProgrammingStephen Cakebread
Game ManagerCraig Howard
Audio ManagerNick Wiswell
Sound DesignNick Raynor
Music DesignNick Raynor
MusicAudio Antics
UI ArtVincent Shayer, Gren Atherton
Bizarre PRBen Ward
Bizarre BizMartyn R. Chudley, Sarah Chudley, Brian Woodhouse, Michelle Langton
Special ThanksJeff Lewis, Nick Bygrave, Mathias Grünwaldt, Jon Cutter, Sam Hall, Cian O'Flanagan, Allan Speed, Nick Davies, Gary Hall


Associate ProducerKevin Umbricht
Senior ProducerJamie Bafus
Executive ProducerGraham Fuchs
Associate Manager, Business DevelopmentSuggie Oh
Manager, Business DevelopmentJon Estanislao
Jr. PublicistMonica Pontrelli
Senior PublicistAaron Grant
Special ThanksCarlos Rodriguez, Brian Morrison, Philip Terzian, Michael J. Griffith, Robin Kaminsky, Brian Ward, Steve Pearce, Laird M. Malamed, Will Kassoy
Director of Production Services - EuropeBarry Kehoe
Localisation Project ManagerSimon Dawes
Localisation Co‑ordinatorsGina Clarke
Localisation QA ManagerDavid Hickey
Localisation QA LeadGlen Moran
Burn Lab TechnicianDerek Brandan
Network TechnicianFergus Lindsay
Localisation Tools and SupportStephanie O'Malley Deming
VP Quality Assurance / Customer ServiceRichard Robinson
Directors, Quality AssuranceMarilena Morini, James Galloway
QA Project Lead, DayshiftDerek Faraci
QA Floor Lead, DayshiftPrommet Srinara
QA Senior Project Lead, DayshiftThom Denick
QA Manager, DayshiftJohn Rosser
TRG Senior ManagerChristopher D. Wilson
TRG Submissions LeadDan Nichols
TRG Platform LeadMarc Villanueva
TRG Project LeadTeak Holley
TRG Floor LeadsDavid Wilkinson, Jared Baca, James D. Rose
TRG TestersWilliam Camacho, Pisoth Chham, Daniel Fehskens, Jason Garza, Christian Haile, Alex Hirsch, Rhonda Cox, Mark Ruzicka, Jacob Zwirn, Benjamin Abel
QA - AVL Project LeadVyente Ruffin
Senior Manager, QA TechnologiesIndra Yee
QA ‑ MIS ManagerDavid Garcia-Gomez
QA ‑ MIS TechniciansTeddy Hwang, Todd Komesu, Brian Martin, Jeremy Torres, Lawrence Wei
QA - MIS Equipment CoordinatorsLong Le, Coleman Thaxton
Lead Database AdministratorJeremy Richards
Floor Lead Database AdministratorKelly Huffine
DBA Senior TestersTimothy Toledo, Christopher Shanley, Wayne Williams
DBA TestersJon Luce
Customer Support ManagersGary Bolduc, Michael Hill
QA Special ThanksAlex Coleman, Mike Clarke, Nadine Theuzillot, Denise Luce, Rachel Overton, Aileen Galeas, Jeremy Shortell, Dylan Rixford, Devin Faraci

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (233640)