Ghostbusters: The Video Game Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Main menu
First day on the job.
Vigo is still around, and not happy.
Slimer's escaped.
Slimer's gone back to the hotel.
The Rookie is wearing the Ghostbusters II gray suit, exclusive to GameStop.
Peter and Ray prepare to bust.
A familiar situation. Get used to plenty of nods to the film.
The PKE meter helps you track down ghosts.
Return to the ballroom.
This cake is toast.
Got him!
The classic trio, and the new rookie (you)
Ecto-1 and Mr. Stay-Puft. My childhood in one frame.
Times Square slimed? Slime Square.
Stay-Puft sends "marshmallow minions" after you.
Splat! Note the marshmallow goop on our character.
Careful! Ghosts can still hurt.
One of the new pack weapons you're field testing.
Using the slimeblower from Ghostbusters II.
Looks like I was a little reckless with my slime. Sorry, Peter.