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Halo 3: ODST (Xbox 360)

Halo 3: ODST Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Main menu
An intro cinematic sets up the backstory.
Your character, "the Rookie"
Nathan Fillion as... the same character he always plays.
The rest of your squad discusses the mission.
Tricia Helfer as the intelligence officer along for the ride.
Gearing up for the drop.
The pod moves into position.
Here we go!
The intel officer suddenly diverts us from our landing zone.
Just as the Prophet of Regret's ship jumps into slipspace.
Bad timing...
We're going down...
The story jumps between characters, with each switch getting a title card intro.
Pod's damaged, but we're alive.
Off to find the rest of the squad.
The city's mysterious "superintendent" AI.
ODST's "VISR" mode. Combo nightvision and enemy highlighter.
Trying out the new silenced SMG.
And the scoped pistol.
New Mombasa's seen better days.
ODST has a map that points your next direction.
The Superintendent tries to guide you, giving new meaning to generic traffic warnings.
Using the VISR to navigate darkened buildings.
You may not be the Master Chief, but you can still give Grunts the ol' what for.
The first "clue" to what happened to your squad.
Picking up a clue triggers a playable flashback.
Back during the drop, the Sarge's pod takes a spill.
But he's okay!
Gearing up to regroup with the squad.
Looks like the Covenant knows you're here.
Time to go to work!
New setting, new way to tell a story, same classic Halo action.
Don't have to be the Chief or a Covenant to use their weapons.
Just like in Halo, you can flip the Warthog and drive it.
When you drive a Warthog, your comrades will fire the mounted turret.
Takes a lot more firepower to take down enemy dropships.
You can drive the Scorpion tank or just commandeer its machine-gun turret.
Scorpion tank can take out enemy dropships with just a couple precise shots.
Not all aliens are hostile.