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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main menu
Running over a brute in a warthog in co-op. He has deployed the new bubble shield, which won't protect the grunt inside from being run down as well.
Master Chief watches the Arbiter crush a brute with the new gravity hammer in co-op.
Third-person shot shot of a drone attack. Both co-op players can be seen. This angle wouldn't occur in-game but can be seen in the theater mode.
Charging up a plasma pistol to take out the grunt working the phantom turret in a three-player co-op game
My NPC buddy is helping me against those grunts.
Double spikers in campaign
Taking aim at a Brute with a hammer through the scope of the carbine.
Cast shot from a cutscene in campaign. From left to right: Master Chief Spartan 117, the Arbiter, Commander Miranda Keyes and Sergeant Alvin Johnson.
Cinematic shot of jackals (with the shields) and other enemies from campaign mode. The phantom dropship overhead just dropped off the background enemies and NPC soldiers can be seen assisting farther
Taking out a Scarab from the back of a Mongoose in campaign. NPCs in the new Hornet aircraft are assisting.
Every fps must have a shotgun. It's a rule.
Using the needler, one of the more atypical weapons in the game. The screen effect is because the player is taking damage.
A Warthog attack in Sandtrap. K89 has just been shot out of his Banshee. The Mark v is carrying a Brute shot grenade launcher on his back. You can see from the bodies on the ground and the score in th
Mongoose vs Mongoose sniper battle
Pulling a Wraith out from under an upside-down Elephant in a Forge game. The Wraith doesn't normally appear in Sandtrap, nor does the Hornet, which can be seen a little way off. They were placed there
Blue is hijacking red's Warthog.
Placing a Scorpion tank on Last Resort in Forge.
Riding on the Elephant and carrying a turret. Note that the elephant has a mounted turret and comes with it's own Mongooses. It also has spawn points.
Got to shelter with the ball in Oddball.
Trying to take down the ball-carrier with the Spartan Laser in Oddball.
Infection. The symbol at the bottom means this player is a zombie. In the variant, zombies spawn with the energy sword. They zombies are making a coordinated run on the human's base.
The aftermath of a melee attack to the back using the new Mauler on Guardian.
The flare equipment showing off the HDR lighting.
Sniper rifle FTW in VIP. Note the medal on the left for a headshot.
Double-kill to take the Hill in Epitaph. Medal on the left.
Active camouflage makes you nearly invisible.
Double plasma pistols take down a Ghost on Snowbound.
Rushing the hill on Snowbound after a lucky grenade killed everyone. Those turrets are AI controlled and form the boundary of the level.
The new Brute Chopper tries to take on an Elephant, but the turret is proving a problem.
That bubble-shield means red is protected from the turret and if the player enters, he'll get one-shot with the hammer. Well played.
Red there just lasered the player's warthog, killing both occupants. Note the unlockable variant helmet.
Valhalla is the new Blood Gulch. Here, a banshee defends a flag-carrier.
This flag run looks like it's about to be cut prematurely short. Notice the player's hands graphics change to show team color and human or alien character.
That's a sticky grenade on the butt of his sniper rifle in this third-person shot. HeFFdawwg is about to have a bad day.

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