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Halo Wars (Xbox 360)

Halo Wars Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Title Screen
Intro Movie
Intro Movie
In the first mission we need to gather scattered troops in order to reclaim our base.
Calling in an air strike...
... with devastating results.
A good mixture of air and ground units is key
Attacking an enemy base
Professor Ellen Anders, the ship AI Serina and Captain Cutter on board the Spirit of Fire (Cinematic)
The powerful Spartans play an important role in Halo Wars (Cinematic)
The evil hierarch (right) sends an arbiter (left) after Professor Anders (Cinematic)
The Super Scarab is a fierce enemy.
Only concentrated fire can bring this beast down.
Mission accomplished!
An almost fully developed base.
You can construct buildings and units through the circle menu
The flood are an aggressive and hostile alien organism.
These marines are not going to survive long against the flood.
Enemy air transports bring fresh troops - better destroy them before they can land.
Some missions take place on the outer hull of the star ship.
In this mission we need to defend and evacuate civilians during an enemy invasion.
The civilians need to reach cargo ships for evacuation.
Not all cargo ships can be saved, though.
Some tanks defending a cargo ship.
Buildings explode with spectacular effects.
There goes the neighborhood.
Transports bring in fresh troops, but this base is going to fall anyway.