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    Single Player, Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 2, Local Multiplayer 2, HD (High Definition). Looking for more polarity-switching, freedom-fighting gameplay? Upgrade to the full version of Ikaruga to access five exciting levels, cooperative multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements, and the ability to record and replay levels, thus immortalizing your magnificent and awe-inspiring skill. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

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    The Japanese arcade hit Ikaruga comes to Xbox LIVE® Arcade! Treasure's award-winning scrolling shooter brings a tactical twist to the genre with its yin-and-yang gameplay: the color of your ship determines your effect on enemies. In this polarized system, enemy ships and their bullets are one of two colors. Attack an enemy of the opposite color for extra damage. Absorb enemy fire of the same color as your ship, and use the energy for a special attack. Destroy multiple enemies of the same color to score a chaining bonus. Play solo or cooperatively, and use your polarity to achieve victory!

    • Co-op play: Multiplayer support for two-player co-op offline or over Xbox LIVE allows you to clear the levels with a friend.
    • Video replay: Record your best moves and replay them to awe your friends.
    • Arcade shoot-'em-up action: Five full classic and exciting levels are coupled with twelve new achievements to master.

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    Elevé au rang d'un des meilleurs shoot'em up sur DC, le mythique Ikaruga arrive enfin en Europe sur le cube de Nintendo.
    Ikaruga tire sa particularité du fait que le jeu fait intervenir une complémentarité entre la couleur du vaisseau et celle des tirs ennemis, obligeant le joueur à switcher entre le noir et blanc pour passer à travers les tirs adverses


    • Un gameplay aussi original que diablement bien pensé qui mêlent environnements en 3D et jouabilité en 2D.
    • Cette version spécifique à la GameCube comporte : des améliorations graphiques un nouveau mode de jeu
    • Cette version sera axée sur la compétition, avec un classement mondial sur Internet des meilleurs scores

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Press Release:


    Date: April 15, 2003

    Wildly Popular Japanese Shooter Fires Its Way to American Store Shelves

    BEVERLY, Mass.--April 15, 2003--Atari today announced that the much-anticipated hit Japanese game Ikaruga(TM) for the Nintendo GameCube(TM) next generation console system has shipped to retail outlets nationwide. The game comes loaded with glorious graphics, awesome action and incredible firepower.

    "Ikaruga delivers addictive gameplay combined with intense firepower that loyal fans of the shooter genre have come to expect," said Nancy MacIntyre, Vice President of Marketing for Infogrames' Beverly studio. "With a phenomenal reputation that precedes it, Ikaruga is the import core gamers have been waiting for and more."

    Ikaruga was originally developed for the arcade and for Sega DreamCast by Treasure -- a highly respected developer of console action games -- and has become one of the most beloved of all shooter titles. Those already familiar with Ikaruga will appreciate vital game upgrades such as enhanced graphics, a new demo mode that clues players in to the "perfect" round and private passwords that let high scorers post their accomplishments on the official Ikaruga Web site and establish bragging rights within the worldwide Ikaruga community.

    Ikaruga is a comprehensive, scrolling space shooter (with options for either a vertical, horizontal or letterbox display) set in 2D, against a rich 3D backdrop. The game is an ideal combination of rich Japanese storytelling and high-powered, fighter pilot heroics. Players take the role of our hero, Shinra, the lone survivor of a freedom federation that was massacred by the evil, power-hungry conqueror Tenro Horai. Now Shinra, in his newly-built ship, the Ikaruga, must fight for an aging, exiled people who are depending upon him for their survival. Join the sole warrior as he battles the evil Horai in the hopes of restoring peace.

    Ikaruga retails with an MSRP of $39.99. For more information, please visit or

    About Infogrames

    New York-based Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) develops interactive games for all platforms and is one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software in the U.S. The Company's 1,000+ titles are distributed under two brand lines: ATARI, hard-core, genre-defining games such as Driver(TM), Enter the Matrix(TM), Neverwinter Nights(TM), Stuntman(TM), Test Drive®, Unreal® Tournament 2003, and Unreal® Championship; and INFOGRAMES, mass-market and children's games such as Backyard Sports(TM), Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues(TM) and Dora the Explorer(TM), Civilization®, Dragon Ball Z® and RollerCoaster Tycoon®. Infogrames, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of France-based Infogrames Entertainment SA (Euronext 5257), the largest interactive games publisher in Europe. For more information, visit

    (C) 2003 Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
    Published by Infogrames Japan.
    Ikaruga game (C)2001, 2003 Treasure. All Right s Reserved. ATARI and the Atari logo are U.S. registered trademarks. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Nintendo, Nintendo GameCube and the Official Seal are trademarks of Nintendo. (C) 2001 Nintendo

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    Old-school shooting jumps in the fountain of youth.

    In this vertically scrolling shooter you take control of Ikaruga, the ultimate flying ship with a unique light-dark game design.

    With its vertically scrolling levels, swirling enemies and huge bosses, you could easily pigeonhole Ikaruga as an old-school shooter in the vein of Gradius, R-Type and Contra. Don't.

    You are Shinra, a lone warrior who must pilot the Ikaruga through an overwhelming onslaught of firepower to infiltrate an enemy stronghold.

    The Universal Law of Opposites

    With the press of a button, the ship Ikaruga can flip-flop between light and dark modes. Each enemy ship and projectile is also either light or dark. Enemies that are the opposite color of your ship take more damage from your blasts. On top of that, you can absorb projectiles that match the color of your craft. It is this light-dark dynamic that sets Ikaruga apart.

    Focused use of your ship's abilities is the key to survival. The game spans five chapters, each with multiple bosses and unique challenges. Some areas challenge you to navigate narrow passages, while others confront you with streams of enemy bullets that create beautifully complex patterns. The light-dark theme remains throughout the game.

    The game has no power-ups, but capturing enemy shots that match the color of your ship will slowly fill a power meter. When full, you'll be able to release a super-shot that automatically seeks out enemies with devastating results.


    Destroying enemy ships in groups of three like-colors starts a combo counter. Your score will skyrocket if you can string together long combos. First-time players, though, should pick the easiest of three difficulty settings and concentrate on simple survival.

    Short Attention-Span Shooter

    Ikaruga is an intense game that, at least in theory, could be played through in a single sitting. However, the ample challenge means that your chances of surviving all five chapters are slim until you have played many times.

    At the end of each chapter you are assigned a ranking based on your score and number of lives lost. Dedicated players will memorize attack patterns and master the Ikaruga's abilities to earn astronomical scores and the pinnacle S++ ranking.

    Artwork and more can be unlocked.

    Modes and More

    Conquest mode lets you play small portions of a chapter in order to learn enemy patterns. Practice mode lets you play through an entire level. Demonstration movies show the best way through each level, but then you have to do it yourself, Shinra-san.

    Internet Ranking mode allows you to strut your stuff by posting your high scores online. Start from the first level with no continues and at the end you will be given a special code that can be entered at It can be quite satisfying -- or humbling -- to see how your scores match up against those of other players across the globe.

    Graphics and Sound

    Although the game takes place on a completely 2D plane, all objects are 3D models. The many objects onscreen can be overwhelming at times. Wisely, the developers stick with a fairly narrow palette that emphasizes the differences between light and dark.

    Backgrounds are incredibly detailed and scroll by without a hitch. Settings vary from the skies to underground strongholds. The explosions really pack a punch, especially those of the major bosses. The orchestral theme is dramatic.

    You can choose from three horizontal and two vertical views, including the original aspect ratio from the Japanese arcade version.

    Ikaruga is a top-notch shooter that has the potential to win new fans to an allegedly moribund genre. Run and gun, baby!

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    Ikaruga is conceptually a successor to «Radiant Silver Gun» (Sega Saturn) from Treasure, the most cutting edge and highly acclaimed console arcade shooting game. It combines reflex and dexterity.

    Ikaruga is a comprehensive, scrolling space shooter (with options for either a vertical or horizontal display) set in 2D, against a rich 3D backdrop. The game is an ideal combination of rich Japanese storytelling and high-powered, fighter pilot heroics. The player’s ship can switch from a black side to a white side in order to absorb black or white bullets, which give an extra element to game-play.

    System Requirement

    • *Internet connection required


    • Cutting edge and highly acclaimed console arcade shooting game.
    • GameCube user friendly tutorial mode
    • Easy pick-up controls
    • Amazing 3D backgrounds
    • Fantastic effects
    • POST YOUR HIGH SCORES ON WWW.IKARUGA-ATARI.NET (net ranking feature) *

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