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ilomilo (Xbox 360)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

ilomilo Credits

SouthEnd Interactive

ProducerFredrik Brönjemark
Associate ProducerMagnus Olsson
Technical DirectorMagnus Gardebäck
Art DirectorSimon Flesser
Lead ProgrammersBjörn Persson, Johan Malm
ProgrammingErik Beran, Magnus Jensen, Mikael Dahlström, Simon Jacoby, Martin Stjernström
ArtSimon Flesser
Additional ArtWilly Bartels, Peter Ekstrand, Carl Karjalainen
Music and Sound DirectorDaniel Olsén
The ilomilo orchestraKristina Kjelldén, Simon Flesser, Daniel Anttila, Erik Strandh, Marcus Björk, Hilda Lidén, Carl Karjalainen, Tobias Carlsson
Voice ActingDaniel Olsén, Simon Flesser, Tobias Carlsson
Game DesignFredrik Brönjemark, Martin Blomqvist, Simon Flesser, Björn Persson
Level DesignMartin Blomqvist
Executive ProducerKim Nordström
Chief Executive OfficerAnders Jeppsson
Special ThanksPer Henriksson, Thomas Fiedler, Marcus Ivarsson, All employees at Tactel, Rosalie Schlyter, Margarethas Dockskåp, Kyle Gabler, Edmund McMillen, Jakub Dvorský, Anders Gustafsson, Åsa Wallander

Microsoft Game Studios - Xbox LIVE Arcade Team

Lead ProducerPeter Choi
ProducerRoss Perez
Test LeadChad Dylan Long
Release ManagerJosh Mulanax
Product Planning & Business Team Cherie Lutz
MarketingJennifer Yi, Daniel McConnell (Act 1)
PRRegan O'Leary, Debbie Frey
Milestone Acceptance TesterJeremiah Armstrong (VMC)
VMC Test ManagerScott R. Griffiths
VMC Senior Test LeadCala E. Posey
VMC Test LeadIan T. Doble
VMC TestersSamuel Tharp, Brianna Gerrish, Zach Guptil, Joe Sheehan, Ian Wick
European Localization TeamPadraig Keaney, Julien Chergui, Michael Ivory
Asia Localization TeamShinya Muto, Hiroyasu Mimura, Satoru Komiya, Changseon Ha, Chinling Lin, Takashi Sasaki
Special ThanksDave McCarthy, Michael Saxs Persson, Ted Woolsey, Trevor Laupmanis, Henry C. Sterchi, Diego Feldberg, Matt Golz, Oliver Miyashita, Kevin Salcedo, Andrew Williams, Torin Rettig, Jeromy Walsh, Dana Fos, Chris Lassen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (257259)