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TeamXbox (Jan 08, 2009)
At $10, it’s not a horrible value for what you get, but it won’t offer the durability and replayability of a Geometry Wars Evolved 2 or Puzzle Quest. This is certainly a caveat emptor type of purchase, with a run at the trial version being is smart move.
Worth Playing (Jan 21, 2009)
Interpol: The Search for Dr. Chaos is certainly a casual title that has good intentions but is hampered by a few big issues. While the sound and controls are fine, the somewhat-finicky detection system for clues doesn't help make things easy for beginners. The game length is also very short, and you have very little incentive to keep playing once the main story line is finished. The biggest offender, though, is the graphics; blurry pictures and a small playing area don't make this a very desirable title, especially for the $10 (800 MS points) asking price. Unless the demo gets you excited about this game, the best thing to do is save your MS pfor something better from the XBLA service.
Gameplanet (Jan 21, 2009)
Certainly not a bad game though, and if you have been waiting for more puzzle games in this style you probably won’t be disappointed, except perhaps by the lack of longevity in gameplay.
MS Xbox World (Jan 12, 2009)
Interpol is an interesting Xbox Live Arcade game and one that offers easy pick-up and play mechanics. It’s a puzzle game that you can play in small doses and is well worth it for keeping non-gaming family members and friends entertained. Even younger players will get some satisfaction from playing alone or in co-op. Is it worth the 800 points? I would say so, although a few more additional areas would have been nice to make for a fuller game.
GameZone (Jan 12, 2009)
There are times where you’ll appreciate the throwback to old detective games, but then you’ll realize that Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos needed a lot more work graphically to keep your attention past the first few cities.
Totally Gaming Network (Jan 17, 2009)
A nice relaxing and simple XBLA title that shouldn't offend your Auntie Nellie, and has enough "one more go" appeal to see you right through to the end of the game. Not scintillating and exciting, but certainly not a lame duck either.
Gaming Age (Jan 12, 2009)
So yeah, I actually enjoyed playing Interpol while it lasted, but I honestly can't fathom spending $10 on it, especially when you compare that value to other things available on XBLA. If you enjoy these types of puzzles, it'll be right up your alley, but don't expect to get a whole lot of use out of it whenever you finish the main game. There's a paltry inclusion of two bonus puzzles that consist of finding the differences between two pictures, and the online component doesn't add much to the mix outside of being able to finish the puzzles a little bit faster than usual. Still, for the type of game it is, it works fine, and there are no technical issues to complain about. Definitely not worth the asking price though, so just be aware of what you're in store for before you plop down the 800 spacebucks.
GamePro (US) (Jan 10, 2009)
Combine these issues with the game's lack of replay value (the main maps and bonus levels can be beat in 2 hours, puzzles are repetitive) and you have a title that feels shallow and incomplete.
Cheat Code Central (Jan, 2009)
While it is fairly short, simple, and not particularly impressive in any way, Interpol still somehow manages to be an enjoyable experience. For anyone who enjoys a good word search or visual puzzle, I would definitely suggest picking up this title. The ability to play through multiple times, searching for different items each go around should certainly help to justify its ten dollar price tag to players looking for some sort of longevity from the game as well. However, if you don't derive pleasure from meticulously combing over pictures, while looking for hidden objects, Interpol won't do anything to change your mind.
50 (Jan 16, 2009)
You may be thinking that after all this bad mouthing I didn’t really enjoy the game at all, however I did and all because it captures that “one more go” feeling. Interpol may not be the most polished game in the world, however for passing 30 minutes or so a day when you have nothing better to do, it’s great.
1UP (Jan 09, 2009)
But Interpol doesn't do enough to create or maintain interest or excitement. If you're already into the idea of finding hidden items, Interpol will keep you busy for a few hours (including bonus "spot the difference" puzzles, ala QuickSpot on DS), but if not, the bland interface and narrative are unlikely to win you over. And despite solid four-player local/online co-op play, Interpol just doesn't feel like it belongs on the platform, which, considering the obviously low production values, makes the $10 price point seem a little high. It won't make you feel like a globetrotting detective, but if you're seeking straightforward puzzle solving on the Live Arcade, the presentation will just feel like window dressing on an otherwise adequate experience.
NZGamer (Jan 28, 2009)
This sort of gameplay, while not being too terrible with a controller, is still much more suited to a DS stylus or a mouse. When you throw in a lot of repetition amongst objects and a general lack of varied gameplay, Interpol is hardly a game I’d recommend. Gamers really need not apply – and anyone who would be interested in a hidden object game, even if it is on a console, probably doesn’t visit NZGamer.
Gamer 2.0 (Jan 16, 2009)
When it comes down to it, Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos is just not an exciting or interesting introduction to this obscure genre for console or handheld owners. If you’re really looking for a good interpretation of the I Spy genre, check out Nintendo’s Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir for the Nintendo DS, which provides a simple, but fun experience that Interpol overshoots its target by a good margin. If you just have an Xbox 360, it’s better to skip this game and maybe try to find one of those old I Spy books at a library or maybe a bookstore that stocks older books from about 15 years ago. $10, or 800 points, is quite out of range for what would be a reasonable price tag for this kind of game.
GameSpot (Jan 23, 2009)
With only 11 locations around the world, Interpol will last you a few hours at most. Up to four players can play cooperatively either locally or online, but there are no competitive modes, so you're pretty much doing the same thing that you do in single-player mode, only faster. The object lists will change slightly on subsequent play-throughs, but not so much that you won't get repeats. It's a barebones effort that underwhelms throughout, but even Interpol can't completely squash the simple pleasure of finding hidden things.
IGN (Jan 06, 2009)
Interpol is good for a few short bursts of seek-and-find fun, but it?s just not a game that?s very well suited to the console. Add that to the poor image resolution, inconsistent puzzles and overall shaky production value, and you have a game that?s probably not worth the download.
40 (Jan 12, 2009)
Interpol est un divertissement amusant, comme peut l'être le jeu des 7 erreurs aux yeux des petits. Hélas, c'est aussi un concept qui livre rapidement ses limites, en dépit des artifices utilisés par ses développeurs pour l'étoffer. Il y a de bien meilleures façons d'investir les 800 MS points demandés.
Gamervision (Jan 16, 2009)
The story is nonsense, the puzzles are ugly and blurry, the clues are often indecipherable, and the game reeks of laziness, lack of polish and bargain-bin production values. To top it all off, it’ll run you 800 Microsoft Points, which is too much by half. There are a few mini-games included, which basically boil down to “what’s different in these two pictures?” but they suffer from the same problems as the rest of the game, and fail to significantly help what’s essentially a steaming pile of a game. Blecch.
Official XBox Magazine (Jan 07, 2009)
And while there’s some pleasant trickery afoot (finding a radio can mean finding the word “radio”), there are way too many dark, unfairly obscured objects that you’d never find without the help of the clue system, which essentially spots you a few objects per level. Hey, we figured out where Waldo is: running in the opposite direction!
30 (Jan 08, 2009)
In the end we don't believe Interpol's incredibly simplistic gameplay is worth the 800 MS Point price tag, and the rough presentation hurts what would have been a reasonably entertaining title for casual gamers. When 800 points can get you one of the best games of 2008, this kind of release really isn't acceptable.
Gamekult (Jan 16, 2009)
Bref, mieux vaut se tenir à l'écart de ce titre atypique, certes, mais ô combien lassant et bâclé, à moins d'avoir envie de se bousiller les yeux inutilement ou de jouer en coop avec un ami pour se prouver que l'ennui peut parfois ne pas avoir de limite.
Giant Bomb (Jan 09, 2009)
It's unsurprising that developer TikGames is primarily known for cell-phone games and casual Flash-type stuff, because that's exactly what Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos feels like. This is exactly the kind of simplistic, disposable, and completely charm-free junk that Microsoft shouldn't be clogging up Xbox Live Arcade with.
Destructoid (Jan 12, 2009)
Interpol is a bad videogame. I can see where a minute bit of fun could come out of it. Finding hidden objects is a delightful activity for children, but there is no tangible value for anyone looking to play a game. Interpol is as shallow as the artist who decided that the Mona Lisa could sit on the floor behind a model scorpion. The visuals are terrible, the narrative is poor, and the multiplayer is rendered pointless by the game’s regurgitated assets and unchanging artwork. Stay away from this.
Game Revolution (Feb 04, 2009)
There's no way around it - today's standards for games are way higher than they were years ago. A game comprising of just pixel hunting, and doing that as badly as Interpol, is simply ridiculous. Take into account that this baby costs 800 Microsoft Points and it rubs salt into an already ghastly wound. As an adventure title, Interpol is the equivalent of taking a car and stripping it of everything that makes it a car and leaving the most tedious task for you to do - changing a tire. Do you want to play a tire-changing game? If you do, give Interpol a whirl.
Good Game (Feb 09, 2009)
with some really great games available on XBLA I really hope this one gets forgotten and quickly...I’m gonna be kind coz it’s our first show and give in one chicken because it does work...
Good Game (Feb 09, 2009)
Well I’ve played through to the end of Interpol and I can honestly say I had more fun getting my wisdom teeth out… as if the endless point and click “investigating” screens aren’t bad enough when you clear and city and move on you get a REDICULOUS amount of text... it’s good you can skip through it though as the story is just woeful. It’s marginally better playing co-op but only because it’s over quicker. A classic case of BIG CLAIM – LAME GAME it’s one Chaotic Chicken from me.