Advertising Blurbs
    Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao™ & © is the first 3-D kung fu game on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and the ideal game for fans of martial arts movies and classic beat-'em-up action games. Feel like you're part of a classic 70s kung fu film as you defeat waves of ruthless enemies and cunning bosses with a variety of unique attacks and combos.

    • 3-D on Xbox LIVE Arcade: The first 3-D XBLA title will have players feel like they can reach in and touch the intense kung fu action.
    • Classic environments: The game features six beautifully illustrated multi-stage levels including Ancient Fortress, Hidden Waterfalls, Perilous Pirate Ships, and more.
    • Awesome soundtrack: Feel da funk with the Invincible Tiger soundtrack with that unique 70s feel.
    • Multiple game modes: Play solo or online co-op play with a friend in your journey to return the Star of Destiny and defeat the evil Overlord. Try Endurance Mode and face countless waves of enemies, with each wave harder than the next. How many waves will you be able to defeat? Or enter Time Trial Mode and race against time in each level to earn medals.
    • Classic arcade action: Simple intuitive arcade controls puts you right in the action without having to memorize complicated button combinations.
    • Kung fu fighting: Deep fighting mechanics allow Han Tao to use an active dodge ability giving control back to the player.

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