Johnny Platform Saves Christmas! Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Main menu with cute icons.
The in-game instructions are sure direct!
Options menu.
You can freely revisit any cleared stage.
Helpful signs tell you what to do.
Yay! A door!
Grab 16 cups of coffee for an extra life.
Smash the robots to open the gate.
Johnny loves coffee!
Johnny's new move, the roll. It's immune to the forces of gravity!
A few of the stages are the vertical style used in the first game.
I guess the robots don't have heat sensors to tell them that fire is hot.
Don't shoot! I'm unarmed!
You can roll directly off a destroyed robot.
Wouldn't be Christmas without presents!
Watch out for bombs.
...who's ordering these robots around, anyway?
Some stages are callbacks to the first game.
That looks... heavy.
Help, I'm lost!
Ice! Slippery and hard to stay steady on!
Jenny Platform, relation unknown.
Jenny's game is a time trial!
Only you can prevent debilitating overscan!