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    From legendary game developer Rare® comes Kameo™: Elements of Power™, a larger-than-life journey full of intense combat, magnificent exploration, and innovative morph-into-monster action.

    The future of the world depends on Kameo, who must master her new ability to transform into various warriors and harness their elemental powers to save her family from Thorn, the evil troll king.

    In true Rare fashion, the world is wondrous and immense, the puzzles and challenges are brilliant, and the creature-oriented combat and exploration is innovative and unique.

    • Master morph-into-monster action: This innovative combat system lets players harness and strategically employ the unique powers of 10 elemental warriors from the five Elements of Power (Plant, Water, Rock, Ice, and Fire), including Major Ruin the armadillo and Ash the fire dragon. Each warrior has up to eight powerful abilities, upgradeable through strategic augmentations, ultimately providing numerous gameplay possibilities.
    • Unleash an impressive arsenal of attacks and weaponry: With the game's fast-paced action, loads of enemies, and massive boss encounters, success requires clever and strategic deployment of each warrior's powers and the ability to master "quick-switch" combinations. Engage in up-close combat on the battlefield with Pummel Weed, a wicked, boxing plant-warrior, or finish off enemies as Chilla, an ice yeti, by throwing penetrating ice spears.
    • Experience next-generation gaming:Transcending the common gaming aesthetic with greater cinematic appeal, Kameo represents the cutting-edge graphics and gameplay expected of next-generation gaming on the next Xbox. The game boasts stunning battlefield experiences where gamers will experience thousands of simultaneous enemies with independent artificial intelligence, as well as exciting special effects, high-quality voiceover, and high-definition graphics enabled only through the next Xbox. The visceral and engaging online experience is enhanced with the latest developments in Xbox Live™support.
    • Explore a mystical, magical world: Lush environments, an engrossing story, marvelous creatures, and clever environmental puzzles abound in this fantastical, richly envisioned universe.
    • Action-packed journey across an immense world:Explore a vast and magical world filled with lush environments, wondrous fauna, clever puzzles, and big challenges. Gorgeous 3-D environments with sprawling hills, fertile valleys, and threatening lairs cover multiple fantasy-style locations and the dangerous Troll Castle. Battle relentless armies, go toe-to-toe with powerful elemental trolls, and confront daunting, yet outrageous, bosses.
    • Team up with friends: With immersive and intense cooperative gameplay, Kameo lets multiple players vanquish foes together in split-screen cooperative mode.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22291) on Sep 19, 2010.

    This is the beginning of a new age for both Kameo and the adventure she headlines, as massively anticipated fantasy epic Kameo: Elements of Power morphs into its latest formidable form – expanded and improved upon in every way, ready to fulfil all expectations of a flagship next-generation title on Microsoft’s brand new Xbox 360 later this year.

    As blood ties are betrayed and ancient rituals shattered, the Troll King Thorn is unleashed into Kameo’s world once more, fully intent on completing the destruction of the Elfin empire with his barbarous Troll army. The only hope for salvation lies with young Elf Kameo and her gifts of control over the legendary Elemental Warriors, though her own family’s involvement in Thorn’s captivity (and, she will come to discover, his release) also marks her out as one of the Troll King’s critical targets…

    If the colossal war which rages in her kingdom is to end before the Trolls leave nothing but ash and bones in their wake, Kameo knows that she must journey towards a decisive confrontation with Thorn at the very heart of his own territory. But her enemy is not only the most ruthless warleader in history, he is also sly, experienced, utterly single-minded and capable of any cruelty or deceit if it will serve his ends. In short, the scales are tipped heavily in Thorn’s favour.

    Although time is not on her side, Kameo knows that to stand any real chance of saving her people from extinction, she must do everything possible to even the odds. Firstly, she must cancel any leverage Thorn may have by freeing her trapped Ancestors from their prisons in the darkest corners of the world. And secondly, the age-old spirits of the Elemental Warriors – powerful entities that maintain the balance of nature – must be tracked down and brought to bear in the name of Kameo’s desperate cause.

    This is the core of Kameo’s power, and her greatest weapon in this struggle. From her mother she has inherited the Element of Power, and with it the ability to actually morph into the Warriors’ physical forms. By doing so she integrates their full range of attacks and defences into her own arsenal. From Chilla the ice-cold yeti to Ash the blistering dragon, Pummel Weed the pugillistic plant to Major Ruin the giant armadillo, each of these followers must be found and their powers used to boost Kameo’s own.

    However, simply acquiring a Warrior is not enough. An intimate familiarity with their combat potential, environmental advantages, elemental properties and even their best position in a devastating multi-phase combo will be required if Kameo is to have even the slimmest chance of success. Her enemy is well-prepared, the road to his castle strewn with dark beasts and lethal hazards, and there is far more at stake here than Kameo’s own life.

    Its ascension to the Xbox 360 platform has seen Kameo: Elements of Power gain many new features, not least the astonishing high-definition visuals, co-operative and Live-enabled play, and a generous helping of brand new content added to Kameo’s main quest. Arguably the most striking example of this new content is the battlefield. If Kameo is to lessen the odds against her by liberating the Ancestors and filling out her private legion of Warriors, then this heartland of her country – now a chaotic warzone overrun with thousands of individual Elves and Trolls locked battle – will have to be traversed many times. Whether Kameo attempts this on horseback or on foot, using stealth and speed or sheer unrestrained force, is entirely up to you. Of course, you haven’t lived until you’ve sent Major Ruin accelerating downhill to play a bone-breaking round of ten-pin bowling with a full regiment of Trolls…

    Driven by a team dedicated to its excellence, Kameo: Elements of Power is one of Rare’s foremost projects and is about to fulfil its potential at last with the landmark release of the Xbox 360 platform. The game’s expansive design, gloriously diverse visuals, stirring orchestral soundtrack and irresistible action-adventure trappings will be brought to life later this year with a vibrancy you never thought imaginable, and anyone with even an ounce of adventure in their blood is guaranteed a journey to remember.

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5100) on Feb 26, 2006.

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    As Kameo, morph into an astounding array of creatures as you travel through a world of action-packed adventure. Harness the power-of your inner Warriors on a quest to rescue Elemental Ancestors and destroy the Dark Troll King, Thorn!

    Draw on the power of 10 Elemental Warriors.
    Take on fierce foes in fast-paced combat.
    Explore the epic, enchanting world of Kameo™.

    Contributed by Sciere (505776) on Feb 25, 2006.