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90 (Feb 11, 2011)
Comment ne pas être nostalgique en replongeant dans un jeu qui a bercé nos jeunes années ? On a droit à énormément d'ajouts mais on conserve toutefois le gameplay novateur qui nous a rendus fous des King of Fighters. Ainsi, les vrais fans seront aux anges et les néophytes auront la possibilité de découvrir petit à petit le jeu, grâce à un mode Entraînement complet et une difficulté paramétrable. Ce jeu est donc une valeur sûre pour tous les amateurs de jeux de baston.
Gamers Daily News (Jul, 2009)
That said, KoF ’98 Ultimate Match is a lot of fun despite its age. It’s a genuinely competent 2D fighter with a great roster, excellent music, and a good engine that discourages ’fireball keepaway’ play. And if you don’t want all the Ultimate Match additions, the original KoF ’98 is included as part of this game if you pick ’NeoGeo Mode.’ So long as you have some people to play with, $10/800 Points is a bargain. On the other hand, if you have no opponents, I will have to advise you to steer clear since playing against an SNK style AI isn’t fun at all. Still, this is the definitive version of a great game, and any fan of the 2D fighting genre should pick it up.
IGN (Jul 01, 2009)
As there are so many fantastic fighting games emerging recently -- especially the incredible BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger -- it's difficult for me to give a wholehearted recommendation to King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match (especially because the game hit the PS2 months ago). With that said, this game will probably please fans of the old-school stuff, especially considering the fact that Ultimate Match includes the original King of Fighters '98 in the download. And for 800 points, you're getting the same game that launched on the PS2 for ten bucks cheaper.
TeamXbox (Jul 02, 2009)
Purists who want a more convenient (and possibly legal) way of playing the arcade port of KoFUM will like what this one is about; it’s essentially the PS2 version of the game in DLC form. Those looking for a bit more than an older arcade game, nary re-purposed for console use, should look to some of the other fighters on XBLA. KoFUM is still worthy of a solid score, due to the fact that it’s still one of the better pure fighters ever made, but it will be hard for casual brawler fans to realize its allure. Add in the lack of additional features or updates, and KoFUM should be a purchase reserved for fight club members and Neo-Geo purists.