Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Start screen
Character selection screen
Kendal starts in a peacefull meadow.
First level: Forest of Embracing
Equipment screen
Item screen
Your first trash mobs: Lizardmen
Outfit your character with weird accessories.
Spend your attribute points to your liking.
An idol of greed, your place to shop items.
Store menu
Sleep at an idol to enter your dreams where you will get information.
Learn new abilities during dreams.
Before learning an ability, you have to meet its requirements.
Second area of the first level, some lush forest
Use ranged weapons to take down enemies.
An idol of death with a different range of equipment
The trash mobs get support from a wooden golem.
Every fantasy RPG needs skeleton soldiers.
Flesh spears. They do not attack but block your path.
First boss: The Forest Guardian
Loot after the boss fight
The City of Desolation
Flame knights join the enemy ranks.
The invisible can only be seen with special trinkets or when you hit them.
A graveyard with a lot of crawling flesh men
The glowing orbs represent quest objects.
You are confused by an enemy attack.
The Hall of Arrogance has new enemies like this iron golem.
Some stationary guns in The Hall of Arrogance
The Valley of Soltitude is covered in ice and snow.
Meet Loki, another lightning throwing boss.
Ice Maidens are no match for you.
The Cave of Rage has molten lava and monsters living in it.
Even weird plants grow in here.
Synthesize items to increase stats and add effects.
Store items with the idols for later usage.
The Balrog
The final level, the Road of Chaos