Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Legend Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Opening cinematic
Main Title
Main Menu
Lara seemed to have forgotten her climbing gear on purpose.
Admiring the view somewhere in Bolivia... note that she doesn't originally wear this dress on this level, you have to unlock it first.
Tutorials will appear every time you face a new situation during your first mission.
Swinging and jumping is as regular here as in Prince of Persia games.
Each mission has its own unique loading screen depicting the setting and Lara's outfit for that level.
Use your ever-working flashlight when you enter the dark areas.
Racing against time to save your friend from the badguys.
Jumping off the truck, killing the driver, and landing onto a jeep... such things still happen only during cutscenes.
Lara Croft as we know her... in a flashback mission to fill in the story.
Whatever happened here... seems like some unknown beast is on the loose in these caves.
Every now and then, you'll run into game's quick-time events where you'll need to press exact buttons quickly and correctly.
Nice party... oh, I'll just mingle with the rest for a little while, see if it'll heat up.
Escaping through the rooftops... now I need to find a way to jump to the next building.
Looking down the... ahem, building.
Use your magnetic grappling hook to move certain objects in your way.
A weird place for a bike... but at least I won't have to try to jump off the building now.
A long way down... better not miss the water.
Yet another contraption I need to solve in order to proceed.
Good thing I brought a parachute with me... never know when you might need one.
Using mounted turret against an overwhelming enemy force to even the odds.
Jump off the enemy to enter the slow-motion mode and enhance aiming and damage.
Soviet outpost... find a map to secret underground laboratory.
Oops, missed the train, better try to catch it.
Close encounter with a giant hydra.
At the crash site somewhere in Nepal.
It's slippery, freezing, dark, and overall unfriendly in these caves.
As a bonus to the story, Lara can return to her mansion and explore it at her leisure.