LaserCat Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Main menu.
Not a whole lot of options...
Intro sequence. They look so happy together!
Arriving at Wizzord's castle.
Signs throughout the game provide hints.
Run away from bees!
There are ghost cats in many rooms for some reason.
You need to correctly answer a trivia question or riddle to collect each key.
You died! :(
Hey! QA testers are almost human, too!
Some rooms are sparser than others...
...while some questions are sillier than others.
This is what happens if you answer incorrectly.
Reached the east wall of the castle, but I've only found four keys!
You can warp between any of the many checkpoints.
Catch a ride on the updraft!
I'll be careful.
I'll save you, buddy! Just hold on a little longer!