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RealGamer (Apr 16, 2010)
Lips: Party Classics doesn’t really do anything to expand the series in any way, but unlike most music games features a track list which is probably one of the best to grace such a game, of course it’s all down to taste but with something on offer to cover most players music choice the game should prove to be a hit at any party.
Console Monster (Mar 10, 2010)
The playlist may be the strongest to date, but with a lack of new features and direction for the game, it is unlikely that Lips: I Love The 80’s (yes another is on its way shortly) will enhance the engine any further. That said for a bit of fun to dig out on a Saturday night, for £20 you can’t go wrong. Just don’t get caught singing ‘I’m Too Sexy’ in your pants.
MS Xbox World (Mar 29, 2010)
Its a shame that Party Classics doesn't really bring much new with it, it seems to be nothing more than an add-on for the franchise with another Lips game coming very shortly, will iNiS bring us a completely new game or will everything be nothing more than an add-on. But still, at under £20 for the standalone game you can't really go wrong with the fun factor at that price, and in my opinion this seems to have a better and more party friendly track list then Lips Number One Hits. I would say it's best played with your friends as singing these songs on your own is fun but will get rather boring quite fast, but take my advice from one of my experiences from the game, don't let your neighbours catch you belting out Right Said Fred's “I'm Too Sexy” at the top of your voice- you WILL get funny looks the next day.
IGN (Mar 11, 2010)
Lips: Party Classics includes the same set of improvements and flaws that were present in the Number One Hits song pack. It'll add 40 songs to your music library on Xbox 360 that has something for everyone even though Karaoke veterans have probably already belted them out hundreds of times. Singers hoping for a way to avoid swapping discs from previous Lips games, or some sort of online multiplayer will have to keep waiting, but overall this song pack will keep you crooning for another party.
XboxAchievements (Mar 21, 2010)
Overall this is a good value set of songs, that would certainly cost you a lot more to individually download, and can add a bit more selection to your impromptu karaoke sessions. Do not expect any sweeping changes though and be prepared for a major grind to get through all of the achievements too. This game is really only for fans of the first two discs, as although it can be played as a standalone game, the songs and content here are just not as strong as what has come before. A fun addition if you were bored of the songs you had, but not really to everyone's taste.
XGN (Mar 07, 2010)
De playlist van deze game is erg sterk, maar vernieuwing blijft helaas uit. Daarnaast is het nog steeds niet mogelijk om echt online te spelen en dat moet toch wel bijna. Voor de karaokefanaat en tijdens een feestje een hele leuke game voor 40 euro, maar voor de rest niet echt een must have.
AceGamez (Mar 29, 2010)
If you’re looking for a song pack then, you could do a hell of a a lot worse than Party Classics, and it’ll probably come out quite a bit cheaper than raiding the DLC store – just keep in mind that’s all your buying. While Number One Hits was closer to a fully fledged expansion, this is largely just a CD with some songs on it, as well as some new achievements and avatar rewards. If that’s a worthwhile purchase for you, then go ahead – but as an enhancement to a franchise I had high hopes for, it’s a disappointment.
If you are looking for a new track pack for Lips, Party Classics certainly fits the bill. Paying $40 for 40 new songs certainly isn't a bad deal. However, the fact that you could also purchase 40 songs of your own choosing for the original Lips and get the exact same experience (without the disc swapping) makes this package seem a little less appealing. The only real reason to invest in Party Classics is if you care about the Achievements/Avatar awards, want the USB microphone functionality, or if you like all 40 songs on the disc. If not, then you are better off purchasing songs you want from the Lips store and keeping your old Lips disc. Hopefully we will be treated to a proper Lips sequel sometime soon.