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    Из глубин сознания появляются расплывчатые картины… Зеленый глаз… Отец… Его тело, распростертое на земле. Тяжесть воспоминаний невыносима. Лишенное надежды, будущее теряет всякий смысл.

    Однако не время поддаваться унынию. Мерзкие Акриды, насекомоподобные обитатели холодной планеты, готовятся к решительной атаке. Скоро наступит момент истины. Главному герою предстоит выяснить, кто сильнее в схватке за жизнь в ледяной пустыне, отомстить за смерть отца, найти источник тепла и превратить забытое богом место в новый дом человечества.

    • Холоднее, чем на Северном полюсе
      Экстремальный климат: пока тела поверженных соперников еще не остыли, их теплоэнергию нужно собирать — для поддержания собственного здоровья.
    • Последний шанс
      Отстрел Акридов ведется из разнообразного оружия. Специально разработанные для борьбы с гигантскими насекомыми Боевые машины (БМ) могут трансформироваться в быстроходные средства передвижения.
    • Передовой отряд
      Помимо 12 масштабных одиночных миссий, в игре присутствует мультиплеерный онлайн-режим для 16 пользователей.

    Contributed by Klaster_1 (57980) on Feb 09, 2011.
    In Lost Planet™, human snow pirates navigate VS (Vital Suits) through hostile ice-covered environments, fighting against the indigenous Akrid creatures for the precious thermal energy they need to survive. For one such pilot named Wayne, death almost seemed imminent until he was fortunately rescued.

    However, he can only remember a few fragments of his past, including the slaying of his father by the monstrous beings. Yet under the veil of ice, a devious plan has been set into motion for the termination of all Akrid and snow pirates alike. What really happened to Wayne? Who is plotting the destructive scheme? Encounter valuable allies and dangerous enemies on Wayne's search for the truth.

    • Frenetic action: Lost Planet is a fast-paced third-person shooter with all the depth, intrigue, and intensity of a science fiction classic.
    • Xbox Live®-enabled: Experience an array of gameplay possibilities with downloadable content, plus online cooperative and versus battles.
    • Vehicle-based gameplay: Command highly powered armed vehicles and weapons, not only to help you traverse the treacherous terrain, but to eliminate the terrifying enemies that threaten their survival. Strategically switch from vehicles to on-foot gameplay as dictated by the situation.
    • Vast arctic environments: Snowstorms, arctic winds, and towering mountains of ice are all stunningly realized, creating a truly immersive and cinematic event of epic proportions.
    • Premier developers: The creators of the critically acclaimed Onimusha and Devil May Cryseries have come together to create the expansive world of Lost Planet.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22291) on Sep 20, 2010.
    Epic battles, unique environments and a raft of incredible weapons put you right at the heart of the action.

    The award winning Lost Planet: Extreme Condition comes to PS3 bigger and better than ever – with bonus additional content not previously available.

    Featuring new playable characters in both single player campaign and multiplayer battles as well as eight additional multiplayer maps, the game is set on a vast and vivid snowbound world in which you’ll be fighting the elements as well human and alien enemies.

    State-of-the-art weaponry and gadgets include a grappling anchor to let you zip to safety, or reach new areas, as well as assault rifles, grenades and plasma guns. You can even rip weapons off VS battle suits to grab rocket launchers, laser rifles and gatling cannons

    Vital Suits have been built to fight the Akrid and survive extreme conditions. A VS can be the deadliest weapon against the Akrid or online against rival snow pirate clans

    The Akrid are the native alien monsters that live on thermal energy. Find their weak points, where the energy shows through their armour, and strike. Some are gigantic, some hunt in packs, all sense the thermal energy you have and go for it with one intent only – to get that energy from your dead body.

    Hunt down hidden weapons, climb into VS battle suits or use your anchor and zip line to find new sniping positions. With four multi-player game modes, including team and solo elimination, the online action possibilities are endless.

    • Huge single player campaign
    • Wide array of vehicles, enemies and weapons
    • Up to 16 player online multiplayer

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22291) on May 20, 2010.