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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Xbox 360)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.1
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.9
Overall MobyScore (20 votes) 3.1

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Bravo Screenfun
Insgesamt sind die elf Levels knackig, am Ende einer Mission wartet zudem noch ein extraharter Brocken. Gegen Riesen-Alien, Megamech und Flugmonster benötigen selbst Profis mehrere Anläufe, bis sie sich eine Taktik zurechtgelegt und die Schwachstelle des Endgegners gefunden haben. Grafisch tobt auf dem Eisplaneten ein unvergleichliches Effektgewitter: Die Feuer-, Rauch- und Nebeleffekte beeindrucken, der ganze Bildschirm bebt bei den Explosionen. Nur in PAL-Auflösung trüben leichte Bildzeilenfehler die atmospährischen Gegenden und detaillierten Kampfroboter. Dank umfangreicher "Xbox Live"-Unterstützung wird auch online viel Schnee aufgewirbelt: Bis zu 16 Widersacher bekämpfen sich in vier Spielmodi. Erfahrene Action-Fans sollten sich Capcoms furiosen Arcade-Shooter nicht entgehen lassen!
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is one of the best games I've played so far and the best title for the Xbox 360 console. I remembered the part of my childhood when I first made contact with the Alien series and the animated version of Starship Troopers, not to mention the Final Fantasy: Spirits Within title that changed my vision on sci-fi animations forever. Fast-paced action, great combat sequences and some of the most aggressive alien beasts around made me enjoy this title more than any other third person shooter I've ever played.
"Lost Planet: Extreme Edition" for Xbox 360 is a fantastic game, in every respect, which in some ways, is quite a surprise. What is weird is that whilst still amazing, single player was a slight let-down, whilst multiplayer is a real dark horse, surprising everyone at the office with just how good it is. With gorgeous graphics that nearly rival Gears of War, and frantic multiplayer, Lost Planet should be at the top of your lost, no matter how many 3rd person shooters you have played this year! Just go for the CE, this time it's worth it!
Lost Planet est un jeu au final loin d’être parfait. Il ne fait pas forcément dans la finesse ou l’originalité, et reste très bourrin. La force du titre vient de sa plastique très next-gen et de son côté action old-school. Si vous avez aimé des films tels que Starship Troopers, il ne fait aucun doute que vous adorerez cette nouvelle production Capcom. Après Gears of War, Lost Planet mérite également une place de choix dans votre ludothèque Xbox 360.
Yahoo! Games
Clocking in at 10-12 hours, Lost Planet isn't terribly long, but there's a definite case of quality over quantity. Challenging and visceral, Lost Planet is one of those games that keeps you coming back, even when you're swearing up a storm after dying. Combine this with the smooth multiplayer and plans for additional content in the future and you've got a winning formula. Lost Planet is well worth finding at your next trip to the local games store.
Games Master
It's beautiful and refreshingly simple but at the same time relentlessly retro and samey.
Game Freaks 365
Still, this is a game that I overlooked for too long. I highly advise other Xbox 360 gamers not to make the same mistake–Lost Planet doesn’t impress on the caliber of Gears of War or Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and it probably won’t dominate upcoming action games or take any game of the year awards, but it is up there with the likes of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Dead Rising, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and other great Xbox 360 action games. Check it out for its single player first and foremost, and then dabble online. Stay warm.
Das noch junge Jahr 2007 hat seinen ersten richtigen Hit. Was Lost Planet vor allem technisch aus der Xbox360 herausholt hat mit Ausnahme von Gears of War sonst noch kein anderes Spiel geschafft, allein das rechtfertigt den Kauf. Doch auch spielerisch wird packende Action von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute geboten. Die Kämpfe auf den Eiswüsten des vergessenen Planeten gegen die Akriden machen jedenfalls mächtig Spaß, sei es als normaler Soldat oder an Bord eines Vital Suits. Die Story hätte man fraglos noch etwas interessanter erzählen können und der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist nicht von Pappe, dennoch wird man knapp 7 Stunden blendend unterhalten. Trotz der linearen Level macht aber sogar ein erneuter Storydurchlauf auf einem höheren Schwierigkeitsgrad Spaß, ansonsten steht ja auch noch der interessante Mehrspielermodus zur Verfügung.
Lost Planet ist ein erstklassiges Action-Spiel und ein Pflichtkauf für alle 360-Besitzer, die mal ausgibig ballern wollen. Die Grafik stimmt, die Story ist einigermaßen spannend, das Gameplay ist zwar simpel, aber dafür einsteigerfreundlich und aufgrund der hohen Schlagzahl auch mittelfristig fesselnd. Die Kampagne ist schnell durchgezockt - danach warten lange Live-Duelle. Den Sprung in die 90er schafft Capcom leider nicht - hierzu hätten die wenigen Fruststellen ausgebügelt und dem Gameplay ein wenig mehr Tiefe verliehen werden müssen. Aber genug gemosert: Wer Action mag, der liegt bei Lost Planet richtig!
Game Informer Magazine
Even major revelations later in the game fail to have any impact. Nonetheless, Lost Planet is a solid entry and has plenty of sequel potential.
Capcom is supporting the Xbox 360 with some great exclusive content, with Dead Rising being released last summer and now Lost Planet. While Lost Planet’s single player is short and underwhelming from a narrative standpoint, the gameplay is more than enough to make up for that and the team-based online modes provide a unique alternative to other shooters that are currently available on the console. Lost Planet does have a few annoying flaws, but the game is an old-school action experience that no shooter fan should miss.
Lost Planet is a great game that suffers from a few bad design decisions. The graphics are excellent by any standard with only v-synching issues preventing them from looking truly amazing. The enemy design and amount of action they deliver makes for great gameplay that is hampered by control mechanics that get in the way of the experience. Add in a stumbling story and you have a game that doesn't quite reach the levels of some of the more outstanding titles we've seen in recent months. The bottom line, though, is that the game is a lot of fun and that's all that really matters, isn't it?
The attentive reader has seen by now that Lost Planet is more than worth it, even without the multiplayer which managed to keep us busy for hours despite its many obvious flaws. A game we happily recommend but mostly a strong beginning of hopefully a new promising series from Capcom
It's unlikely to lead Xbox 360 sales, and it won't rule over Xbox Live, but Lost Planet: Extreme Condition provides an impressively solid 12 hours of action and excitement that's just as appealing as any other third-person shooter presently available. Ultimately, it's just a shame that it's arrived on the tail end of the overcooked tidal wave of critical and consumer acclaim lauded on Gears of War - oh, and you never stupidly have to duck behind a wall before getting to leap over it in Lost Planet.
Lost Planet is far from a bad game, but it takes some getting used to and this getting used to might turn off some people. You get an entertaining third person shooter that enables you to use a grappling hook to swing, shoot and climb surfaces. With an art style that is down right gorgeous in regards to the insects. But in order to witness this you have to play a game that is infuriating, nonsensical, and convoluted. The game can’t be recommended for everyone, but if you’re interested in it there’s a good chance that you’ll find enjoyment in it. You just have to be patient though.
Game Informer Magazine
I walked away from Lost Planet with sweaty palms from combating giant monstrosities, but also with the feeling I wanted so much more as I progressed through the quest.
Worth Playing
At less than ten hours in length, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition feels a bit brief, but the frenetic action makes up for the vapid storyline and slightly sluggish feel. And though the online play may not be as robust as in other shooters, it provides an experience unrivaled by any current game on the market. I don’t suspect that Lost Planet will still be on our minds at the end of the year, but it certainly serves as one of the key releases in an otherwise slow winter.
GamingHeaven / DriverHeaven
So in the end, is it worth buying Lost Planet? I definitely say “yes” without any hesitation, simply because the game lived up to my expectations, and I trust me, I was expecting a lot. It’s visually stunning, really showcasing the Xbox 360’s powerhouse graphics capabilities and best of all, it has excellent gameplay to match. Third person action, endless bug killing and giant mechs make for a fun and diverse gaming experience. The only real disappointment is that Lost Planet is far too short; lasting around seven hours in single player mode. Even if there is multiplayer, it still can’t hide the fact that the singleplayer experience can be completed in a casual weekend of gaming.
Lost Planet is a great action game because it focuses on tense, thrilling battles that don't require much input beyond a constant trigger finger and healthy desire to kill everything that moves. There's very little downtime in the single-player game, and there's always plenty of stuff to shoot. That makes it easily entertaining if you're just in the mood to kick back and put your brain on standby for awhile. The multiplayer requires much more skill and a slightly more sophisticated, though no less manic, approach. As a result, the multiplayer game is an excellent complement to the single-player action. The brief campaign is a disappointment, but while it lasts, Lost Planet holds its own among the abundant shooters available for the Xbox 360--and considering how great some of those other games are, that's no small feat.
Frictionless Insight
Lost Planet's online play is the single-player campaign's mysterious reflection. All the elements used to construct Wayne's quest for revenge transform into more conventional multiplayer online battles. Instead of battles against overpowered tanks and overgrown bugs, players battle each other on equal terms. There's the usual assortment of battle modes, with Vital Suits replacing vehicles and data posts replacing flags. What makes this more fun than run-of-the-mill online matches is the anchor shot – anyone can use this high-tech grapple to jump up to higher areas, making the entire battle a real 3D scramble. So, never mind the flying samurai robots. Take a trip to Lost Planet and blast big bugs in style – and take the occasional break for multiplayer matches, grapnel-style.
UOL Jogos
"Lost Planet: Extreme Condition" é um jogo de tiro com ação de sobra, muitas vezes em ritmo frenético. Ele tem alguns problemas de controle, mas as novidades trazem inovações no saturado gênero de jogo. Os cenários são maravilhosos e a sensação de destruição causa um sentimento de satisfação. Enfim, o jogo tem sua cota de defeitos, mas compensa com uma inegável qualidade e bastante diversão.
Wer es etwas linearer mag, wird dagegen enttäuscht sein. Ohne eine dicke Portion Experimentierfreude schafft es Lost Planet zu keinem Zeitpunkt, die Konkurrenz zu überflügeln. Das abwechslungsreiche und taktische Gameplay macht aus dem Titel aber definitiv einen äußerst unterhaltsamen Abendfüller. Mit ein paar intelligenten Designentscheidungen wäre aber deutlich mehr drin gewesen.
Lost Planet probably is the first must have 360 game of the new year. The fact it has come out in January will have it forgotten by November, but while Wii and PS3 fans wait for the next big thing, Xbox 360 fans have a very solid shooter. It has a very Japanese style to it, it’s very arcade-like, and it's one of the best titles on Xbox 360 as a result. The bottom line, 360 gamers must play this game.
Totally Gaming Network
In spite of Capcom falling back on a couple of old-school videogame tactics (the constant need for collecting things and the ‘circle and shoot’ Boss battles I mentioned), Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a worthy follow-up to Dead Rising and a good title to kick off their 2007 videogame season.
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition on komea peli, mutta se voi olla myös turhauttava. Aloittelijat pistäkööt rahansa muualle, elleivät ole luonnonlahjakkuuksia. Kontrollit voisivat olla onnistuneempia kuten myös yleinen käyttäjäystävällisyys, sillä Lost Planet hieroo lumipesun kovakouraisuudella pelin armottomilla yksityiskohdilla. Kokonaisuus nousee onneksi plussan puolelle.
Gry OnLine
Przygoda rozpoczyna się w momencie, gdy oddział żołnierzy pod dowództwem ojca naszego bohatera w trakcie wykonywania rutynowej misji zostaje zaatakowany przez taaaaakiego gada – opowiada o tym interaktywny prolog do właściwej, złożonej z 11 misji historii. Napotkamy w niej sympatyczną, choć stereotypową załogę bohaterów, natrafimy na ślady paskudnych korporacji, walczyć będziemy z piratami śnieżnymi i wykończymy setki Akridów. Taki typowy przebieg gry akcji rodem z Japonii. Niektórym nigdy się to nie znudzi.
En solo, Lost Planet a ses mauvais côtés, une tendance à devenir inutilement illisible et hardcore, et ses vilaines lacunes formelles : manque de travail sur le level design, IA défaillante, pas de liant scénaristique. Cette oeuvre étrange, ce vrai jeu de guerre, ne se réfléchit pas, et se contente de distribuer des sensations et du spectacle à l'état brut. Sa prise en main quasi parfaite, sa probante démonstration technique et la sauvagerie inouïe des Akrids lui permettent d'enchaîner à tour de bras des scènes inoubliables. Comme pour Devil May Cry 3 et Dead Rising, il arrive au joueur de s'y sentir tout petit. Et il y a le live. Propre, rempli (pour le moment), plus subtil et varié que le mode solo, l'expérience vaut le coup. Au final, malgré tous ses défauts, et grâce à ses énormes qualités, Lost Planet se positionne en métronome d'une année 2007 qui ne devrait pas manquer de sensations.
All of this rolls up into a really solid package with only a few glaring flaws, most of which lie in the controls. Some might be initially turned off by certain aspects of the game, such as the idea of constantly depleting energy, but most of it works really well with the style of gameplay Capcom has crafted. The story may be pretty forgettable, but it's also kind of nice to see cutscenes that don't feel the need to drop f-bombs tirelessly, as if that automatically makes a video game "mature." What we have here, folks, is yet another reason why it's oh so sweet to own a 360.
Armchair Empire, The
As an action game, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition delivers in spades – even if it can be finished in under 8 hours total playtime. Besides revisiting some really cool-looking environments, the only thing pushing you to replay the quick single-player game – I finished my first run through in under eight hours – are the various Achievements. Multiplayer is practically a separate game – I came across people at Level 60+ that hadn’t completed the third mission – but it affords many hours of action.
Game Couch
Despite its third-person shooter trappings, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Xbox 360) is a platformer—albeit one for the next generation. From the constant pressure of a timer through the undisguised boss battles, Lost Planet is a modern game with classic gaming sensibilities.
Bugs, kick ass mechs and a whole heap of ammo - thank you, I’ll take one. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has arrived with all the bells and whistles that one would expect from a respectable third-person shooter on the Xbox 360. Is it as good as Gears of War? Well, that is frankly down to personal opinion but I had a lot of fun playing it so it doesn’t really matter to me which is better.
Lost Planet probably is the first must have 360 game of the new year. The fact it has come out in January will have it forgotten by November, but while Wii and PS3 fans wait for the next big thing, Xbox 360 fans have a very solid shooter. It has a very Japanese style to it, it’s very arcade-like, and it's one of the best titles on Xbox 360 as a result. The bottom line, 360 gamers must play this game.
With a goal to make not just a great shooter game, but make one that retains a distinctive Japanese style, Lost Planet aimed high. Not just to make the game challenging, but to also make it easy enough for people to pick up and play; not just to make a mech game (which is what it started design as), but not make the mech elements so dominant that the game loses appeal outside of Japan. There are some stumbles here, no question, but Lost Planet is a unique vision, a mix of NES gameplay and cutting edge graphics, with some great multiplayer to boot. Pick it up to see what happens when one of the industry's biggest companies actually takes one of those "risks" we keep asking for.
The Video Game Critic
The main problem with the game is its wildly uneven difficulty. Some bosses are so relentlessly hard that you'll want to set the difficult to easy just to avoid the inevitable frustration. It doesn't help that the collision detection is spotty when facing some of these behemoths. And where's the split-screen action? Sorry, but if you want to play multi-player, you'll need to go on-line. Another issue is how you can only save after each mission. Call it frustrating, call it uneven, but you can't deny that Lost Planet is an exciting shooter. The non-stop action and sweeping musical score really got my blood pumping, and I couldn't wait to see what each new mission had in store.
Heroes of Gaming
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a third person shooter that comes from the Capcom. With that said, this game has nothing to do with zombies. The storyline transpires in a futuristic and arctic environment called EDN III. Humans are living peacefully until they are under attack by the Akrid. These Akrid are hostile creatures that want to completely annihilate mankind from existence. As a result, humankind attempts to retaliate because the Akrid possess thermal energy. Thermal energy is the life source that powers everything from electronics to machines, and it is essential for the survival of the population. Gamers are in control of a protagonist named Wayne that just happens to suffer from amnesia. He is a Vital Suit pilot, and is in charge of neutralizes the alien threat. The plot lacks any originality and can be downright convoluted.
Extreme Gamer
I had high expectations for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition ever since Capcom graciously put the demo online, unfortunately Lost Planet didn't exactly turn out how I expected. Lost Planet isn't a bad game, but it's seems a few areas like the voice acting, game flow, and enemy A.I. really put a damper on the its overall potential. If you're looking for a fun ride to kill a few hours and maybe a few more online, Lost Planet can deliver. If you're looking for a deep, challenging, action game, you might be left in the cold. Even though I'm a little hard on Lost Planet, I still feel this could be a strong franchise for Capcom with a little re-tooling. What Lost Planet does right, it excels, even John Carpenter would be proud of the cold, desolate, setting Capcom has created. If you're looking for a buy, make sure you're an avid online gamer, and then you will find enough value in Capcom arctic shooter.
While downright beautiful the stale gameplay, mostly dumb AI and incomprehensible (and frankly boring) story make Lost Planet seem like a super model. Fun to look at, just don't expect any depth to it. If you are looking for a pure adrenaline action game, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a mech game masquerading as an action game, look no further.
This title had a ton of potential. It had an interesting setting, visually interesting alien creatures, gorgeous graphics, and realistic audio. However, it’s obvious that Capcom needed to spend far more time ensuring that the game was actually fun to play.
Video Game Talk
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition made for a quite enjoyable single player experience, thanks to some massive enemies and outrageous firefights with not only Akrid, but snow pirates as well. The entertaining multiplayer while it does have its quirks is a very entertaining time if you can get into a good room with people who choose not to spawn camp and play as a team. The game does feature four levels of difficulty, and while I played on the “normal” setting, there was a hard and once the game was completed an extreme difficulty was unlocked. Players who choose to take on extreme have a very tough time ahead of them, but seeing as the game is quite entertaining I am sure that some will head back for more. The duration of the game and the disappointing finale does knock the title down a couple grades, but the online aspect is quite enjoyable and keeps the game as a very solid recommendation.
Daily Game
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition made for a quite enjoyable single-player experience, thanks to some massive enemies and outrageous firefights with not only Akrid, but snow pirates as well. The entertaining multiplayer, while it does have its quirks, is a very entertaining time if you can get into a good room with people who choose not to spawn camp and play as a team. The game does feature four levels of difficulty, and while I played on the "normal" setting, there was a hard and once the game was completed an extreme difficulty was unlocked. Players who choose to take on extreme have a very tough time ahead of them, but seeing as the game is quite entertaining I am sure that some will head back for more. The duration of the game and the disappointing finale does knock the title down a couple grades, but the online aspect is quite enjoyable and keeps the game as a very solid recommendation.
Nogmaals, Lost Planet is op geen enkele manier een slechte game. Het spel heeft echter geen hoger cijfer gekregen, omdat je constant het gevoel hebt dat er meer in had kunnen zitten. De korte singleplayer, de gaten in het verhaal, de weinig verslavende multiplayer, het missen van een coöp mode en off-line multiplayer. Die punten weggelaten, is Lost Planet een heerlijk en vermakelijk actiespel en wij zien nu al uit naar een eventueel vervolg.
70 (UK)
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition feels like it had the potential to be a pared-down shooter classic, but never quite manages to make the core combat exciting, varied or challenging enough to elevate it to the lofty realms that early showings suggested it would reach. Nevertheless, with a glorious setting, some memorable boss encounters and some staggering visuals to enjoy, Lost Planet has enough going for it to recommend checking out for those of you needing a lift in the dismal January wasteland.
All in all, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition feels like a hardened old-skool title wrapped up in some lavish next-gen visuals. Annoyances with the save system, checkpoints and difficulty spikes are likely to mar the enjoyment for a fair few players, but there's still no question that Lost Planet should be experienced. Online multiplayer is also an option once you finish the campaign, and a recent patch suggests that Capcom isn't going to leave problems untouched for months. A fine addition to the Xbox 360 library and hopefully the start of another successful Capcom franchise.
For a while, Lost Planet seems like a great fit for lovers of arcade-style action games. Taking on a gigantic snow worm -- think Dune's sand worms -- is one of this gen's greatest "Oh s***" moments so far. But the game gets away from these roots far too soon and often, delving into middling mech territory with brain-dead humans broken up by rote boss battles and a forgettable story. Sleek graphics and a fast start can't mask what's an entertaining but ultimately disposable diversion.
Réhabiliter le shoot d'avantguerre sous un habillage estampillé next-gen, voilà ce que nous propose Lost Planet. Une bonne initiative soutenue par une ambiance de guerre apocalyptique contre des insectes géants à la Starship Troopers. Mais si les développeurs japonais maîtrisent effectivement la partie technique, le gameplay, victime de l'I.A. faiblarde et de mécanismes éculés peine à tenir la route bien mal définie par une narration aléatoire. Les plus acharnés l'ayant rapidement terminé pourront se rabattre sur un mode multijoueur acceptable.
That isn’t to say the game is completely absent of fun. At times the visual appearance of Lost Planet will leave you open jawed and is certainly a demonstration of how great games can look on the new generation of consoles. There are also certain amounts of fun to be had from running around killing millions of things. This fun, however, is of the limited variety and will probably only last a short while. Stamping on a cockroach is great, stamp on a million and you get a sore foot – that just about sums up Lost Planet.
Detta är ett perfekt exempel på varför man ska hyra innan man bestämmer sig för köp. När spelet som billigast går för över 500 kr är det inte värt hålet i plånboken för de som redan äger Gears of War och Rainbow Six: Vegas. Som ett tredje val är Lost Planet värd sin placering, även om det är tveksamt hur länge det får behålla positionen.