Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Main title
Main menu
The game starts with little explaining as to where you are... but it doesn't take long before you find that out.
Anchor lets you reach high places.
Following your comrades using the 1st-person perspective.
Taking out the nests is the only safe way to reduce the alien numbers.
Another nest down
Activating data post serves as a checkpoint and restores your thermal energy.
Wayne's father obviously didn't count on sudden appearance of The Green Eye.
Soldiers putting an effort against The Green Eye, soon to be obliterated.
Wayne, main character modeled after Byung-Hun Lee, Capcom did a terrific job at that.
When the ground starts to tremble, the balance is easily lost.
Trying to outrun The Green Eye, at least until you reach safer point.
VS with twin gatling gun may just be a match enough for the big beasts.
The actual game starts many years after the prologue.
Intermission screen
Only cars in the game are those covered in the deep snow.
Some aliens rise up from the snow when you least expect it.
Clearing out the garage the Wayne's way.
The terrain is just as destructible as the aliens.
Digging up the rocket launcher.
All aliens have weak points, so try to set your aim at that if you want to outlive them.
Checking out the hangar for useful items.
This one's rolling right at me, better jump sideways.