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Lost: Via Domus (Xbox 360)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

For The Hardcore Only satanicbakedbeanz (8) 2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars
Previously on Lost... GNJMSTR (146) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.6
Overall MobyScore (5 votes) 2.7

The Press Says

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Those that aren't fans, however, may find the game's story less invigorating while the simplicity of the gameplay experience itself may be more jarring. Still, as a tour through key elements of Lost seasons one, two and a bit of three, this official tie-in is a cut-above the fate that might have awaited many a licensed videogame.
Um es vorweg zu nehmen, eine wirkliche Enttäuschung ist LOST nicht. Klar, man hätte wieder einmal mehr rausholen können, aber wie hätte ein solcher Spagat aussehen sollen, ohne die TV-Zuschauer ins Hintertreffen geraten zu lassen? Eine gänzlich andere Story hätte der Fan nicht gewollt und wäre somit auch nicht bereit gewesen das Spiel dann zu kaufen. Somit eignet sich das Spiel eigentlich nur für diejenigen, die die Wartezeit auf die neue Staffel verkürzen wollen. Ein großes Lob hingegen muss man der Atmosphäre im Spiel aussprechen. Dank der deutschen Synchronstimmen, kommt auch für heimische Robinson Crusoe-Erben das richtige Lost-Feeling auf. Für den kleinen Happen zwischendurch also genau der richtige Titel. Obwohl das Spiel preislich schon niedriger angesiedelt ist als die übliche Konsolenkost (ab 40 Euro), sollte man einen weiteren Preisabfall abwarten. Bei einer Spielzeit um die 5-7 Stunden, sollte man erst dann zuschlagen, wenn noch gut ein Zehner weniger fällig ist.
Console Monster
Overall, Lost Via Domus is aimed mainly at fans of the TV show. Any Lost haters need not bother as, although it is a very good adventure game, the whole Lost back story will bore you. Anyone who hasn't seen Series 1 and 2 needs to watch them before playing to understand it all. Although the game is terribly short, it is good for a quick rent as the whole adventure and Lost aspect is pulled off relatively well.
Selten haben in einem Test auf Gamesmania die Einzelwertungen für Gameplay und Motivation derart weit auseinander gelegen wie bei diesem Titel. Die Stärken und Schwächen der TV-Versoftung werden so aber offensichtlich. Während der spielerische Kern einfach nur enttäuschend ist, trumpft das Spiel bei der Atmosphäre auf, wobei Grafik, Sound, Story und der hohe Wiedererkennungswert zur Vorlage die Glanzpunkte sind. Als Fan der Serie wird man um den virtuellen Inselrundgang daher kaum herum kommen und nimmt die spielerische Ideenlosigkeit gelassen in Kauf. Vielmehr stört da schon die viel zu kurze Spielzeit. Wer von Lost allerdings ein tolles Action-Adventure erwartet und die TV-Serie nicht intensiv verfolgt, sollte um das Spiel lieber einen großen Bogen machen. Selten war die Aussage "für Fans" daher treffender.
Näyttelijöiden puutteen ja hahmokadon myötä fiilis on se, että pelistä ei ole loppujen lopuksi välitetty kummemmin, vaikka onkin saatu iso lisenssi pulkkaan. Monia sarjan resursseja ei ole hyödynnetty nimeksikään, vaan tietty laiskuus, varsinkin peli-ideoiden vähäisyytenä, paistaa monesta lävestä läpi. Siitäkin huolimatta minä viihdyin Via Domuksen seurassa sen keston ajan ja suosittelen sitä sarjan ystäville - jotain uuttakin saaren salaisuuksista matkan varrella selviää.
Game Informer Magazine
Taken as a whole, it's an odd mix of good and bad. Think of it like a restaurant with great ambiance, a fantastic chef, and too little food on the plate when it arrives at your table.
games xtreme
All in all, it’s a decent enough game, yet it’s like looking at a new candybar wrapper and wondering what’s inside. Only to find out it’s full of very little candy and a lot of air.
Totally Gaming Network
Overall it's a decent effort but disappointingly there are only six missions/episodes in the game which can feel like it's all over just as you're just getting into it. Players can go back and explore the island which is always handy for those extra achievement points that you may have missed out on earlier.
Game Informer Magazine
It's more of an interactive episode than a game. If you don't know anything about Lost, don't play this game. It'll ruin the show for you, and will likely bore you to death. Conversely, if you love the show and want to know everything, this should be the next game you play. The big reveals are well worth the time you put in.
Worth Playing
For gamers who don't watch "Lost," the experience in Via Domus is something similar to what you might feel if you turned up at someone else's high school reunion where everyone else knows each other and keeps laughing at all the inside jokes about polar bears that you just don't get. Via Domus is crafted almost exclusively and unapologetically for the fans who are treated to some unique moments, such as being able to explore Oceanic 815's mangled cockpit or getting to actually enter the numbers and push the button on the antique computer at the Swan station. Because it's over almost as soon as it starts, there's no way of justifying the console version's $60 price tag. If you have the choice, check that you're really a huge fan of the show by reciting Hurley's winning lottery numbers, and then either play Via Domus on a PC or rent it.
Adventure Gamers
In a title like this, which is more fan service than anything else, it’s those little touches that make all the difference. Each episode even begins with a neat “Previously on Lost” montage where it shows relevant clips of the game up to that point. If it weren’t for all the cool references to the series and the Lost-worthy storyline, it would be hard to justify even spending the 4 to 6 hours it takes to stroll through the easy, repetitive puzzles and mostly non-interactive scenery. If you’re a regular viewer of the show, and you can find it at a decent price, I can easily recommend booking a seat on Oceanic Flight 815. For everyone else, however, even this brief visit to Lost island just might seem more like an eternity in purgatory.
So, in the end it has to be said that Ubi have created quite a good game based on the franchise, much better than expected, but ultimately not great. It has its interesting parts, along with some tediously boring sections, and one episode that stands out from the rest which makes you wish all the others were as meticulously put together. It makes a good effort at replicating the show, and although the game is regarded as non canon, throughout the 6-8 hour run it never descends into stupidity that would make fans turn away. Despite that, it is still just an above average title in terms of gameplay, and on our scale that would be classed as a six. So that’s what we’ll give it then.
A game made purely for fans that can feel a bit unapproachable for anyone else. Certainly worth a rent if you watch the show but even then the weak plot and puzzles on offer are not likely to make you want to play through it more than once. I can’t deny that it captures the look of the show but it certainly doesn’t inspire me to go out and watch it.
UOL Jogos
Apesar da boa produção, "Lost Via Domus" não consegue se afastar do estereótipo do produto promocional. Apesar de contar com uma apresentação relativamente boa, como um jogo ele é raso demais, tanto em seu enredo quanto nos desafios propostos. Somente os fãs mais entusiasmados da série deverão ver algum atrativo, talvez pela curiosidade de interagir com seus personagens preferidos ou para tentar caçar pequenas pistas e extras propostos pelo roteiro.
Thunderbolt Games
If you’re not a fan of Lost in any way, there is just no way I can possibly recommended this game to you. It is merely a spin-off to a series that has developed an incredibly large cult following over the years, and even then, only the most ardent of Lost fans should consider picking this title up. Strip away the shiny coating, and what you’re left with is an average adventure title.
Si Ubisoft s'est montré très frileux autour de la communication de Lost, on les comprend un peu vu que le résultat est d'un niveau tout juste acceptable même pour un jeu vendu une quarantaine d'euros. Cependant, si le titre déçoit scénaristiquement, dans ses phases de gameplay redondantes et sa durée de vie ridicule, l'ambiance du show est fidèlement retranscrite, la présence des doubleurs officiels rajoute à l'immersion tout comme l'aspect graphique fort honorable et quelques idées de gameplay sont intéressantes même sans être totalement convaincantes. Du coup pour quelle note opter : 4, 8, 15, 16... 23, 42 ? Et pourquoi pas un 9 ? A découvrir entre deux épisodes de la quatrième saison.
Good Game
It picks up a little bit halfway through, but that’s a long time to wait, especially in such a short game. The only excitement manifests in the cutscenes, whereas everything interactive about the game, the actual “game” part of the game, is a waste of time.
But that's classic "Lost," isn't it? What we can't immediately explain, we should feel free to write off as a wrinkle in space-time, a prophetic vision of (one of a million) possible futures, or, heaven forbid, a particularly vivid dream. One gets the feeling that the show's creators are trying to wash their hands of Via Domus, awkwardly placed as it is in the series' now-sprawling legendarium. But above and beyond that, fans should approach it as a lark; it's not very accomplished as a game.
Killer Betties
If you’ve never seen Lost before, there is absolutely no reason for you to purchase this game as there isn’t anything you’ll like. If you like Lost the game wouldn’t be a bad weekend rental, as it won’t take long to jump in and beat it in some spare time, but the game isn’t a purchase in the slightest. Diehard fans like myself will buy the game for the sole fact that it’s Lost, but if they are anything like me, they’ll ultimately wish they would’ve got more bang for their buck.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
I was initially really excited to play, but after discovering that I was done in a meager four hours, disappointment set in. The linear puzzle format results in zero replayability. While the relatively low retail of just under $30 is enticing for a 360 game, this is more of a rental title for a single weekend afternoon than one to permanently add to your collection.
Game Couch
UbiSoft’s take on the show about plane crash survivors who find themselves on the least-deserted deserted island in fiction comes up short. Beyond the poor blend of action and adventure, Via Domus requires knowledge of the show’s complicated mythology to follow a story which isn’t canon anyway. Diehards will recognize this incongruity early on, when they assume the role of main character Elliott Maslow, newly created for the game, but suddenly the most important survivor on the island.
What you’d expect Lost: Via Domus to do well is the story, and you’d be half right. It manages to be compelling and the ending is a classic Lost “WTF?!” moment. It’s all pointless though because the writers of the TV show have since said that this game doesn’t even take part in the official chronology, making this nothing more than glorified fan fiction. We’ve never felt so angry about wasting three hours of our lives. If you’re an enormous Lost fan then do yourself a favour and watch the YouTube videos of all the cut scenes because that way it’ll save you an awful lot of pain.
Good Game
Lost fans should be the angriest out of everyone – even so, you would need to be a Lost fan to tolerate the game. As a method of delivering more Lost info, it’s alright. As a game, it’s 5 hours of my life I want back. I’m giving it 2/10 unimpressed rubber chickens, matter of fact, gimme that game *throws game of a building into a bin*