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MagnaCarta 2 (Xbox 360)

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MagnaCarta 2 Credits

Lead Staff

Executive ProducersToshihiro Nada, Young-Won Jeong
Senior ProducerKouji Kumakura
ProducersYoshihisa Kanesaka, Young-Gee Cho
Line ProducerShintarĊ Miura
DirectorYeon-Kyu Choi
Art DirectorGramcat
Character DirectorKyung-Jin Lee
Music & Sound DirectorSung-Woon Jang
Character IllustratorHyung-Tae Kim
Project ManagerJackie Lee


Lead ProgrammerKwang-Sub Shin
Engine ProgrammersJack Porter, Chaitanya Munjuluri, Go-Eun Kim
Battle ProgrammerJi-Ho Lee
Game ProgrammerTae-Hoon Kim
Boss & Skill ProgrammerJin-Yong Lee
UI ProgrammerYoon-Hee Hwang
AI ProgrammerYoung-June Kim

Game Design

Lead Game DesignerChris Lee
Scenario WriterTily
Assistant ManagerWilliam Park
Lead Quest DesignerByung-Yun Kim
Game Mastering and Testing ManagerHyun-Su Kim
Battle and Balance DesignerSe-Min Lee
Event DesignerSo-Young Lee
Game DesignerSoul Jeong
Quest and Balance DesignerWon-Ha Lee
Assistant Game DesignersByung-Soo Kwon, Joo-Hong Choi, Yong-Woo Kwon
Lead TranslationJoomin
Assistant Line ProducerSatoru Nakayama
TranslatorsAmi Kunito, Hye-Ran Moon, Bo-Ra Han
Assistant TranslatorKumi Suzuki
Game Design CounselorSarugakucho Inc.


Lead Character ArtistCDmAn
Technical 3D Character ArtistSung-Su Han
3D Character Artistsmadpriter, junz, totory, Jeong-Guen Kim, Ji-Young Lee
Assistant Character ArtistsSoo-Young Kim, Yun-Ho Lee
SD Character IllustrationsBeretta
Lead Background ArtistJu-Hyun Kim
Background Concept ArtistsIn-Jung Jang, Min-Ho Kim, Seok-Won Yun
3D Background ArtistsYoung-Joo Choi, Mi-Young Choi, Jeong-Su Sohn, Seok-Young Jang, Jong-Tae Kim, Sun-Min Lee
Interface DesignerSena
Cinematic DirectorKi-Nam Kim
Cinematic AssistanceSer-Yean Woo
Cinematic AdvisorYoshiki Ito
Game Effects ArtistsYong-Gon Lee, Kwang-Ju Ki
Lead AnimatorKyong-Ho Hong
Technical AnimatorDong-Su Kyoung
AnimatorsGyu-Taek Kim, Yun-Ho Jeung, Joo-Sang Jo
Assisant AnimatorsHyoung-Seok Kim, Kyung-Hee Han, Yo-Han Kim
Motion Capture ManagersRikki Jeong, Min-Gi Lee
Motion Actors & ActressesJi-Hye Yeoum, Ji-Cheol Park, Kyung-Ho Kim, Young-Hun Kim, Sang-Hee Park, Geun-Yong Choi

Assistant Modelers

ProducerSeung-Woo Lee
Art DirectorMillan
Character/Background ModelersJiQuang Qin, Tao Li, YiYun Yu, ACE
Character ModelerYing Chen
Background ModelersLeo, ODELL, ChenHui Wang, Ji Chen, Run Wen, Cheng Zhang
AnimatorJiaZheng Huang
Concept ArtworkYuan Zhang, Helene Mao

Shanghai Art-Coding Software Co., Ltd.

Account ManagerBen Chen
Project ManagerJonathan Wu
Assistant Project ManagerCady Shao
2D Team LeaderShuai Zhang
2D Team MembersBo Yu, Zhi Qu, Liang Wang, Qingrong Chen, Hongkai Chen, Yifan Zhang
3D Team LeaderDan Yao
3D Team MembersRong Peng, Ning Li, Xiaosheng Zhang, Ying Li, Linxiong Yang, Fan Zhang, Dazhong Zhang, Jianhui Bao, Yi Gao, Wenlong Mai, Kaili Chen, Liyuan Yu, Lei Xu, Rui Ding, Fan Xue, Muyun Li

Virtuos Games. LTD

Virtuous CEOGilles Langourieux
Producing DirectorPan Feng
Account ManagerNicolas Godement-Berline
Animation DirectorYM Zhang
AnimatorsW. L. Qiu, C. Wang, CH. H. Song, X. SH Deng, SH. R. Guan, X. Liu, X. Y. Liu, CH Yu, P. Zhou


Sound EffectsQuestro Sound
Assistant Music ComposerHyoung-Woo Roh


Recording StudioStudio Vibe
Recording EngineerYoon-Sang Chu
String TeamJam String


TestersSeung-Hoon Bang, Jun-Seob Jeon, Byoung-ll Park, Chang-Ho Song, Jong-Yeong Kim, Jeong-Geon Seo, Bo Young

Quality Assurance

Quality AssuranceNAMCO BANDAI Games Inc


Localization ManagerShoko Doi
Localization ProducerTakeshi Miyazoe

International Marketing

Marketing Section ManagersNaruo Uchida, Mio Ishida
Marketing Product ManagerYutaka Fuse
PublicityHirotaka Watanabe, Yoshifumi Matsuda, Takashi Watabe, Chikae Kimura, Tomoko Takehara, Shouta Tsujimoto
SalesFuyuki Nishizawa, Kazuhiro Takabayashi, Hideo Emoto, Masakazu Yoshiba, Keisuke Sakata, Megumi Kitayama
Administration StaffMomoko Suzuki, Satoshi Ootsuka

Special Thanks

Special ThanksKeiichi Onogi, Newrace, Ken Shim, Jay Eom, Motion Technology, FX Lab, Seung-Min Kang, Seong-Che Yun

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc

Executive ProducerTakahiro Sasanoi
Chief ProducerNobuaki Taguchi
ProducerMasahiro Knittel
Director of Marketing and PRTodd Thorson
Senior Product Marketing ManagerDennis Lee
Senior PR ManagerArne Cual-Pedroso
Associate PR ManagerTimothy Ng
Creative Services ManagerMichiko Wang
Video EditorKeisuke Kumiji
Manager, Media Planning and StrategyPaul Caparotta
Senior Manager, Web ServicesRyan Grissom
Marketing TranslatorChiemi Kuroyanagi
Director of OperationsDeborah Kirkham
Senior Operations ManagerJennifer Tersigni
Senior Quality Assurance & Customer Focus ManagerTad Hirabayashi
Quality Assurance SupervisorMike Peterson
Project CoordinatorJesse Mejia
Quality Assurance LeadMerwin O. Del Rosario
Quality Assurance Assistant LeadRobert Harada

CQC Team

CQC TeamGreg Anderson, Damon Bernal, Ryan Dagley, Saiho Kwan, David Moya, Billy Buaron, Robert Harada, Johnny Moya, Thomson Tan

Quality Assurance Testers

Quality Assurance TestersAlex Corona, Alex Wagner, Andrew Samoranos, Catrina Torda, Charles Calland, Dan Tran, Gary Yamashita, Percival Daluz, Robert Hamiter, Tristan Corbett, Dian Zlatanov

Special Thanks

Special ThanksAtsushi Minowa, Andrew Davis, Bryant Green, Chiyoko Ishikawa, Marie Polleti

English Voices

Juto/ElgarJohnny Yong Bosch
ZephieMichelle Ruff
CelestineStephanie Sheh
ArgoJamieson Price
CrocellYuri Lowenthal
RueKate Higgins
MelissaWendee Lee
SchuenzeitSteven Jay Blum
AlexCrispin Freeman
RaudTravis Willingham
IgtonDave Wittenberg
NixKirk Thornton
ClaireLaura Bailey
HuarenLiam O'Brien
KeitinMary Elizabeth McGlynn
Village ChiefMichael McConnohie
OthersPatrick Seitz, Vic Mignogna, Paul St. Peter, Tony Oliver, David Lodge, Beau Billingslea, David Earnest, Erik Davies, Kyle Hebert
Voice DirectorTony Oliver
Recorded atBang Zoom! Studios

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