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80 (Oct 31, 2009)
Overall I left the game satisfied with what I had gotten. The game is a blast to playthrough with friends, and it is obvious that it was designed with co-op play in mind. While being fun to play by yourself, it just doesn't have the same fun factor as it does playing online with friends. I was a little bummed by the lack of extras, as I remember the first game being loaded with alternate costumes, and other things. I think gameplay-wise, MUA2 surpasses the first game, however I have to give the nod to the first Ultimate Alliance when it comes to the story. As a whole, the first games story just felt more epic. Your decisions had consequences, and I really liked that. If you get a chance, check out the Hulk-ku from the game I included below.
75 (Oct 02, 2009)
Schade, Vicarious Visions: Anstatt die Superhelden unsterblich zu machen und mit frischen Mechaniken zum Hack&Slay-Olymp zu führen, hat das Team sie in der Vergangenheit schwelgen lassen. Eine Vergangenheit, die zweifellos zu unterhalten versteht. Aber ebenso eine Vergangenheit, deren Faszination langsam, aber sicher nachlässt - auch wenn die Kulisse unter dem Strich einen gelungenen Hintergrund für die Prügeleien abliefert. Für die möglichen zukünftigen gemeinsamen Abenteuer von Captain America, Iron Man & Co sollten die spielmechanischen Weichen aber mehr auf Risiko gestellt werden, damit die Superhelden nicht den Anschluss verlieren.
GameSpot (Sep 15, 2009)
There's a lot of game packed onto this disc. Not only will the campaign last you around 15 hours or so, but the branching story gives you a good reason to return. Furthermore, there are additional stand-alone missions to take on, most of which are designed well and are enjoyable to tackle; a trivia game that will test your Marvel comics knowledge; and lots of costumes, audio discs, and dossiers to collect. So while Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 may not take the series in a big and bold new direction, or benefit from the kind of refinement you would look for in a sequel, it does deliver the button-mashing, power-flinging, over-the-top action fans of the original would expect. And it's just good fun, even if you don't know Iron Man from Iron Fist.
Legendra (Apr 04, 2010)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 est donc un bon jeu, un peu décevant sur certains aspects, mais sur lequel on revient de temps en temps pour profiter de son gameplay dynamique.
70 (Sep 22, 2009)
If the glitches weren’t such a big problem, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 would be a solid sequel to the franchise. Despite some hit or miss audio and inconsistent graphics, the game is quite a lot of fun, especially with multiplayer whether online or in the same area. However, too many technical issues, a sometimes-annoying camera, and unsatisfying twists in the story keep this from being particularly satisfying. As fun as it was to team up Marvel greats and take down evil, the game feels like it wasn't quite up to snuff with its predecessors.
70 (Sep 28, 2009)
L'idée d'adapter le cross-over Civil War dans le cadre d'un Ultimate Alliance semblait séduisante mais le résultat n'est finalement pas à la hauteur des attentes que le projet pouvait susciter chez les fans. On se retrouve donc avec un second épisode qui ressemble comme deux gouttes d'eau à son aîné et qui saura tout de même séduire les amateurs de Marvel les moins orthodoxes avides d'action et de bonus croustillants.
XboxAchievements (Sep 24, 2009)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is passable at best. In answer to my original question of whether Vicarious Visions could handle the big stage? Well, I wouldn't say I booed them off, but I was definitely checking my watch for when the main act would be on.
Game Couch (Nov 20, 2009)
There really aren’t enough four-player brawlers; especially ones which allow for in-person co-op play as well as online. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is a big fish in this small pond – and there’s enough polish here to please even those who aren’t members of the Merry Marvel Marching Society – but compared to Ultimate Alliance’s first outing, this entry is less than marvelous.
60 (Oct 23, 2009)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 completely misses the ball when compared to its predecessor. The KISS-method that gets applied here makes the game an experience you prefer to quickly forget. Not one new element is worth mentioning and the button mashing brings boredom instead of entertainment. In short: how a game with a perfect script - the beautiful comics - becomes a thorn in the eye. Only for people with extremely low expectations!
55 (Sep 29, 2009)
A marked improvement over the first game, this sequel is really only worth seeking out if your Spider sense is tingling for more Marvel action. Otherwise, you may want to use your common sense and avoid. Like Marvel comics? Then you might consider buying UA2. Don't like Marvel comics? Then you'd probably prefer to eat your own earwax than play this. The End.
50 (UK) (Sep 28, 2009)
The multiplayer hiccups are unfortunately indicative of the whole, since there are few areas where Ultimate Alliance 2 deserves honest praise without major caveats. The new elements fail to meet expectations, but the bash-and-grind basics haven't changed at all. With relatively few dungeon-crawl games available for consoles, that fact alone may make it more appealing to fans of the original but sadly the garbled story, half-baked gimmicks, creaky engine and rote gameplay all conspire to make it a satisfying experience only for those with extremely low expectations.