Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Talking to Dr. Garret Bryson.
What is this thing?
I'm searching Dr. Brysons lab for clues.
This DLC also offers some new weapon upgrades.
Approaching the mining facility on the asteroid Mahavid.
Inside the mining facility
These employees are not very cooperative.
Must defend a drone from attacking Ravagers.
Back in bryson's lab again, doing some more research.
Let's see what's next up on the agenda.
The sky of Namakli is full of Harvesters.
This dig site is getting torn to pieces.
We just rescued Ann Bryson.
We're about to land on Desponia.
Some shipwrecks and a lot of water on this planet.
Activating a power socket while my teammates are fighting the Reapers.
Some Atlas combat is a welcome change.
Going down...
3000 meters deep, searching for Leviathan.
You receive 400 EMS points for completing this assignment.