Mass Effect 3 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main menu
Liara and EDI are assisting in this mission.
End of the work day for this Cerberus Trooper.
Visiting the Presidium Commons on the Citadel.
Using a stationary gun turret to kill the incoming Brute.
The Turian homeworld is in bad shape. Reapers have also landed on this moon.
Mission computer
This Cerberus fighter base is also a multiplayer map called Firebase White.
Galaxy travel map
Huerta Memorial Hospital offers some side missions.
Upgrading my Black Widow sniper rifle at a weapon bench.
Buying some weapon upgrades.
Tactical Cloak makes you almost invisible.
The import menu displays some decisions I've made with this character in ME1 and ME2.
This is the profile screen where you can distribute skill points.
Squad selection
One of these situations that can be solved through Paragon/Renegade conversation or just brute force.
The Shroud is a tower installed by the Salarians to stabilize the atmosphere of Tuchanka.
Scanning a solar system.
Our shuttle is landing at the Salarian STG base on Sur'Kesh.
Hey Wrex, keep calm!
Planets can be scanned for war assets, credits or other quest related items.
EDI will make the repairs, Tali and me are going to stop the incoming Cerberus troops.
Banshees are tough opponents, they can teleport and instantly kill you.
You've got only a few seconds to press LT and perform the Paragon action.
Opening the weapon menu. You can also change the weapons for your teammates.
Visiting the Purgatory bar.
Both teammates are down and two Geth Primes are approaching...
Galactic readiness is increased by successfully finishing multiplayer games.
Keep the effective military strength as high as possible, it has an impact on the game ending!
Opening the powers menu will pause the game.
The Codex offers info on planets, races, persons, vehicles etc.
Heavy weapons can only be found and picked up during missions.
Commander Shepard has entered the Geth Consensus.
Taking a look at the map of the Presidium Commons.
This is the Normandy's mess-hall on deck three.
I guess it's time to blow up that Harvester with my Reaper Blackstar.
Heading back to the Citadel.