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Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond (Xbox 360)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond Credits

Voice Talent

Matt HazardDavid Kaye
Dexter DareAlexander Polinsky

Vicious Cycle Software, Inc.

President and CEOEric T. Peterson
Vice President, CTOWayne Harvey
Senior ProducerRodney W. Harper
Lead ProducerChristopher Puente
Project ManagerCarmen Koger
Art Production ManagerJonathan Peedin
Lead Game DesignJimi Doss
DesignersBrett Freese, Karl Horvath, Brian Ingersoll, Trevor Phelps
Story and WritingDavid Ellis
Engine Programming DirectorDouglas Cox
Gameplay Programming DirectorAllan Campbell
Lead Gameplay ProgrammingBen Payne
Audio ProgrammingTimothy Randall
Engine and Tools DevelopmentTal Arrowood, Luke Hodorowicz, Amilcar M. Ubiera
Gameplay Coordination and AI DevelopmentBen Payne
Gameplay ProgrammingAlfred McNulty, David Reeves
Graphics ProgrammingLuke Hodorowicz
Physics ProgrammingJim Ashcraft
UI ProgrammingAmilcar M. Ubiera
Additional ProgrammingAllan Campbell, Kevin Mabie, Clarence Simpson
Lead ScripterMichael Richey
ScripterJean-Paul Berard
UI ScripterJim B. Matheson
Additional ScriptersBrett Freese, Karl Horvath
Lead Sound DesignMark Reis
Sound DesignByron Evora
Art DirectorAlden Filion
AnimatorsPaul Buda, Lianne Cruz, Scott Marshall, Steve Wasaff
Character ArtistsHoover Abejero, Joseph Drust, Ty Shelton, Abraham Valdez
Concept ArtistsMatt Kohr, Susan Luo, Ivan Moy, Derek Smith
Effect ArtistsBrian Ingersoll, Michael McClelland, Lee Williamson
Environment ArtistsJonathan Albert, Jonathan Bishop, Adrian Castro, Brian Ingersoll, Rob Maxwell, Josh Piszczek, Judd Roy, David Schultz, Christopher Smart
Environment Prop ArtistsHoover Abejero, Scott Sprange, Lee Williamson
Technical ArtistJonathan Bishop
Texture ArtistsDavid Graham, Scott Sprange
UI ArtistMatt Kohr
Additional ArtJoseph Drust, Josh Piszczek
TesterTrevor Phelps
Senior HR ManagerAnn Tyer-Sebring
Accounting ManagerHolly Duty
Administrative AssistantCaroline Landenberger
Additional Team MembersSteven Espinosa, Michael Nelson, Ed Rowe, Bryan West
Special ThanksJennifer Canada, Don Harvey

Rednote Audio

Original Music ProductionRod Abernethy
ArrangementRod Abernethy
CompositionRod Abernethy

VoiceWorks Productions, Inc.

VO DirectorDouglas Carrigan
Casting DirectorDouglas Carrigan
Recording EngineerMicah Johnson
Dialogue EditorJaimie Siedow
Recording StudiosAtlantis Group Recording - Santa Monica CA

Published by D3Publisher

Senior ProducerBrian Etheridge
Executive ProducerTimothy Ramage
Vice President of Product DevelopmentPeter Andrew
Lead TesterNicholas E. Spero
TestersDustin Bostick, Zachary Richter, Elliot Call, Ryan Rodrigue, Russell Kidd, Taylor R. Hinton, Jeffrey Walsh Jr., Ricky Chavez
1st Party SpecialistDrew Johnson
Customer Service SpecialistTyler Kimmel
Manager of Support ServicesJeremy S. Barnes
General Office ManagerMichael Greene
Localization ManagerAlexander Coward
Japanese Localization ManagerShinobu Sugiyama
Translator SupervisorMiki Takahashi
TranslatorSatomi Aihara
Business and Product Development CoordinatorJamie Arakawa
Vice President of MarketingAlison Quirion
Senior Product ManagerDavid Pava
Assistant Marketing ManagerKaori Takasue
Director of CommunicationsTamara Sanderson
PublicistMichael Cerven
Vice President of Licensing/Business DevelopmentBill Anker
Director of Business Development and LicensingMichael Scharnikow
Associate Manager of LicensingMayumi Dietrich
Vice President of Sales & OperationsKim Motika
Director of Finance/AccountingRichard Valdriz
Director of Human Resources/AdministrationTaka Endo
IT AdministratorPeter Nelson
Managing Director, EuropeAdam Roberts
Senior European Sales ManagerLiam Taylor
Assistant European Sales ManagerPeter Silver
Europeab Sales ExecutiveThomas Vickery
European PR & Marketing ManagerSuzanne Sutton
European PR & Marketing ExecutiveMarlene Fitzsimmons
European Marketing & Sales Co-ordinatorRebecca Maschke
European Operations AdministratorCarly Key
Finance & Admin Director, EuropeKatsutomo Komine
Senior Finance Manager, EuropeTamayo Mylan
Finance Administrator, EuropeNaomi Shimizu
Administrator, EuropeKirsty Farrington
Supervisor, D3 Publisher Inc.Nobuyuki Okajima
Chief Financial OfficerHidetaka Tachibana
President and CEOYoji Takenaka
Chairman of the BoardYūji Itō
Special ThanksAll of the wonderful employees at D3Publisher throughout the world, Our supportive and understanding friends and family, Dave Anderson, Motoko Johnson, Rafael López (and everyone at Technicolor Interactive Services), Matt Alt, Daisei Saitō

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Credits for this game were contributed by 雷堂嬢太朗 -raido.jotaro- (58412)