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  • 3D Realms Site (The official 3d Realms/ Apogee Website)
  • A Rock-Solid Hero for a Rock-Solid OS (An Apple Games article about the Macintosh version of Max Payne, with commentary being provided by Art Director Saku Lehtinen (July, 2002).)
  • Max Payne (3D Realms official Max Payne website)
  • Max Payne (The official Max Payne website)
  • Max Payne Fan Site (Tips, cheats, screenshots, modifications and links.)
  • Official Webpage (Mac) (The official product page for the Mac version of Max Payne on the publisher's website, which provides a trailer, character information, a profile of the game itself, and purchasing information, among other such particulars.)
  • Payne Reactor (A fan site dedicated to Max Payne - Mods, Levels, Total Conversions, Tutorials, Forums, Cheats, etc.)
  • Sound fix for Max Payne and Vista. (A clever person fixed a bug with Max Payne not playing music and dialogue in Vista. Vista doesn't support the sound file formats used for the playback.)
  • Wikipedia: Max Payne (Information about Max Payne at Wikipedia)

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