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90 (Dec 14, 2011)
Pretty much any flaw you’ll find with this collection is simply a statement on the era of gaming for which these games took place. The collection promises little else than updated graphics, and in that sense they knocked it out of the park. All three games look absolutely beautiful, and if you regardless of your Metal Gear Solid knowledge, this is one collection that is worth picking up. It might just be the best deal of 2011.
TeamXbox (Nov 30, 2011)
Overall the Metal Gear Solid Collection is a great package and one of the best bargains at $40. You will get 40 – 50 hours out of all three games and that is assuming you only play each once. The controls work great when translated to an Xbox 360 and the gameplay hasn’t aged at all. The upscaled graphics and reworked textures stick very close to the original games while providing some much needed detail. There are some shortfalls when it comes to the graphics, especially in Peace Walker, but that has nothing to do with the excellent port Konami has put together and everything to do with the fact that it is a PlayStation Portable title bumped up to HD. If you’ve had the urge to sneak around in Snakes shoes once more than heed the call. The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is the standard by which future HD collections should be judged.
Destructoid (Nov 15, 2011)
All told, however, one must take note of a very simple fact -- Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is so damn good that it single-handedly justifies the $49.99 asking price. I would happily pay that for the game on its own, so the fact that it comes with the still-engrossing Sons of Liberty and an extraneous Peace Walker is pure gravy. All told, this is a package that manages to feel like it went over and above despite a handful of glaring omissions, and creates a package that Metal Gear Solid fans won't regret picking up.
There's no question these games are still worth playing, even if the selection is incomplete. There's something to be said for stealth that still makes you tense up when making a mad, if calculated dash across open ground - and in those uncertain seconds lies everything good about MGS; its fine balance between success and collapse, indulgence and innovation.
IGN (Nov 21, 2011)
When you bundle together three games that people define as "classics," you expect an amazing product. The Metal Gear Solid Collection delivers that. The controls, stories and content so many fell in love with years ago are here, but time shows up as Solid Snake's greatest enemy. Modern conveniences have led gamers to expect certain things from their stealth action, and the early titles don't deliver that. Still, games can't move forward without knowing where they've been, and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is a welcome, enjoyable glimpse at what once was.
85 (Jan 26, 2012)
Si on ne répétera jamais assez que ce type de compilation s'adresse principalement à celles et ceux n'ayant pas eu la chance de connaître ces jeux lors de leur sortie initiale, avouons tout de même que Konami nous gâte avec ce Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. En effet, en lieu et place des deux jeux habituellement proposés, on aura ici droit à trois, voire cinq titres si on compte dans le lot les deux Metal Gear sortis sur MSX. Si le travail effectué est une fois encore réduit à sa plus simple expression, le contenu devrait suffire à lui seul à vous convaincre tant les épisodes PS2 restent emblématiques sans oublier un excellent opus PSP, étonnant dans les directions empruntées, mais ayant sa place dans la mythologie de la série.
TrueAchievements (Feb 05, 2012)
This package is unbelievable value for money. Gamers effectively get three full-length retail releases put together as one retail release. Each campaign will take players approximately ten hours to complete, but with all of the additional extras as well, there is the potential to sink 100 or more hours into this game. Be prepared for this sort of time sink if you want all of the achievements though. On the point of value for money alone, I can’t recommend this game enough.
70 (Feb 12, 2012)
Sett till antalet speltimmar samt det låga priset på den här samlingen går det inte annat än att ge den ett toppbetyg. Men med tanke på att serien vilar så tungt på sin övergripande handling, som dessutom då och då kompliceras å det grövsta, är det en klar brist att inte det första Metal Gear-spelet finns med här. Lägg därtill att en del bonusmaterial från Metal Gear Solid 2 och 3 är borttaget. Så med tanke på att samlingen till stor del kommit till för att locka nya spelare så är den inte speciellt lyckad. Betyget blir därefter.