Metro 2033 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Main title.
Title screen.
Main menu.
Some scripted first-person action sequences pop up.
Artyom's room contains an ad for the real-world novel.
Each Metro station acts like its own city.
Getting a weapon from the armory.
Good to see the STALKER guitarists found work.
This hand-crank generator charges your batteries.
Complicated Metro politics.
Ghosts in the tunnels?
Compass and clipboard keep you on track.
Hide from enemies in the shadows. Your watch LEDs show your visibility.
Out on the surface. Desolate and contaminated.
Scavenge items from the dead to survive.
Buildings are neglected and falling apart.
Mutated rats and other creatures are a real threat.
Is what's left worth fighting for?
Your screen tints red as you take more damage.
On the surface. We're being watched...
Wonder what's ahead, and will the gun be enough?
Found a new weapon... but is it worth throwing away your current one for it?
Exploring the building with your comrade.
Firing at the mutated animals, they're quick.
Outside, the gas-mask means everything.
Two mutated dogs seem to be guarding something.
Don't set off the traps if you don't want to engage in firefight with enemy squad.
When you're not fighting mutated animals, you will fight enemy soldiers and gangs.
Running away is not an option.
Sniping at the German military.
Too close to miss.
Damned second-hand rifles, they jam when you least expect it.
You are entering the tunnels with five elite soldiers... but I wonder how many will reach the end of the line.
Some creatures are rather resilient to bullets.