Ninja Blade (Xbox 360)

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Dass From Software allerdings mit der vollkommenen Abwesenheit einer Speicherfunktion innerhalb der einzelnen Abschnitte eine mehr als unglückliche und vollkommen antiquiert wirkende Designentscheidung getroffen hat, die auch durch die gut gesetzten Kontrollpunkte nicht relativiert werden kann, ist sehr bedauerlich. Vor allem die letzten Abschnitte, in denen man durchaus für zwei Stunden unterwegs sein kann, ohne abspeichern zu können, nagen gehörig an den Nerven. Dennoch: Action-Fans können sich ein effektvolles Ninja-Chamäleon freuen, das zwar kaum eigenständige Elemente und noch viel weniger einen eigenständigen Charakter besitzt, aber als wandelbares Wesen zu unterhalten versteht.
Ninja Blade is like a so-bad-its-good sci-fi /martial arts B-movie that someone accidently gave a 200 million dollar budget. It is the very definition of “more than the sum of its parts.” Combat is repetitive, sound is forgettable, graphics aren’t the best, and you’ll spend as much (or more) time handling Quick Time Events as you do engaging in “real” gameplay. But when everything comes together, this turns out to be one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while. You might want to consider a rental, but if you’re in the mood to just slash some monsters and see some crazy stuff, Ninja Blade delivers.
Even if the amount of content here doesn't rival what you can find in the best action games, Ninja Blade still delivers plenty of boisterous entertainment. This is good old-fashioned fun, delivered with panache and a touch of lunacy. Too derivative to be a classic and too simple to test your virtual combat skills, Ninja Blade is just a blast to play.
Derivative, repetitive and QTE heavy – yet still amazingly good fun. This game is more like Dynasty Warriors than Ninja Gaiden in terms of combat as you can eschew learning stupidly tricky combos in favour of button mashing good times. The over the top bosses add to the sense of spectacle and endeavour to keep the whole thing ticking over. It is not as big or clever as some of its peers but it is a good dollop of fun nonetheless.
Vous recherchez un beat'em all qui vous en mette plein les yeux ? Ninja Blade pourra sans doute assouvir votre soif d'action et de monstres sanguinaires. L'aventure est certes relativement courte et le recours systématique aux QTE ne plaira certainement pas à tous les joueurs. Ce procédé vous permettra cependant d'être partie prenante de scènes réellement impressionnantes.
Ninja Blade n'est pas le jeu du siècle. Mais il ne prétend pas être le concurrent de Ninja Gaiden 2. Il s'affirme en tant que nanar d'action et procurera beaucoup de plaisir aux joueurs qui ne prennent pas la tête ou que le challenge extrême de NG 2 a rebutés. On passe un bon moment en se demandant à chaque niveau si les développeurs vont aller encore plus loin que le précédent.
Thunderbolt Games
Have no goal, as Peter La Fleur might say, and you’ll never be disappointed. From Software’s goals with Ninja Blade appear to have been slim to negligible, and with a considerable portion of fans of the infinitely preferable Ninja Gaiden ready to buy up anything with a similar remit, they’re unlikely to be nearly as disappointed as I am.
Blend Games
Instead Ninja Blade relies on quicktime events. This isn’t an occasional moment where you dodge a rolling enemy. The QTE’s in this game are abundant, and they offer the cinematic flare you get in a better title’s general gameplay. Within an hour of playing Ninja Blade I’d gone through a typical year’s worth of QTE’s. Coupled with the inane actions of enemy AI and you have what amounts to a very boring game gilded to make it attractive.
The Video Game Critic
It's a shame that only the most dedicated gamers with a lot of time on their hands will fully behold the spectacle that is Ninja Blade.