Prince of Persia Classic Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main menu
Fifty-nine minutes to go!
Clambering up a ledge.
Success! Found a sword!
Getting ready for a long leap.
A swordfight with one of the guards
Success, the exit door!
You'd want to be quick, wouldn't you?
The Prince can tiptoe through spikes.
Small red potions refill your health.
Get out of the way!
Another guard lies in wait.
Leaping across to a ledge.
A dead end, that's no good!
Carefully jumping across platforms.
Get up before the door closes!
Climbing down the ledges.
Doing battle with an undead skeleton
Ah, much nicer
Down we go.
Looking out onto Persia.
The Prince does a backflip.
They're speed holes, they make you go faster.
The Prince has gone to pieces.
A pleasant fountain
One of the tougher guards, with a shield!
Those holes in the floor don't look suspicious at all.
I'm hit!