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Back of Case - Xbox 360 (US):

    Engaging Space Saga from Square Enix - makers of Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts

    Interplanetary war tests the limits of friendship!

    For five centuries, Earth-led Terran forces have colonized the galaxy. The rebel ADAN "Freedom Alliance" has declared war to end the so-called "Terran tyranny". Two best friends and up-and-coming Terran ace pilots-Katana and Margras-are separated by the unstable political situation on Margras' home planet, Archeron. Soon after Margras is forced into exile, Archeron is destroyed in a suspicious terra-forming accident that kills most of the population and renders the planet uninhabitable. Driven by revenge, Margras joins the ADAN fleet and leads merciless raids against his former Terran comrades. As Katana, it's up to you to stop your closest friend and end the cosmos-spanning war.

    • Defend against a maniacal threat
      Prevent Earth's destruction by the vengeful, rebel ADAN empire in a gripping, multifaceted adventure.
    • Pilot exhilarating combat
      Lock-on multiple targets, 180° rolls, full-thruster control, monitor radar, and send squadron commands.
    • Fly with ease
      Pick up and play this vividly animated 3D space combat shooter with controls ranging from simple arcade to professional style.
    • Maximize your firepower
      Earn over 50 customizable weapons and boost up the arsenal of your Delta Saber.

    Contributed by Abuebao (31) on Apr 11, 2014.
    Project Sylpheed™ takes you centuries into the future where you customize and pilot amazing starships, battle swarms of enemy fighters, and enjoy stellar visuals.

    • Story-driven action: Become immersed in the full, multilayered storyline.
    • Intense combat: Take on hordes of enemy starfighters in extreme 3-D space combat.
    • Spectacular visuals: Enjoy amazing animation with vivid visuals, cool space settings, and over 50 minutes of CG video.
    • Famed developer: Project Sylpheed is another excellent game from Square-Enix (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Valkyrie Profile, and more).

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22291) on Oct 02, 2010.