Puddle Credits

Puddle Team

Puddle TeamMartial Potron, Arnaud Noble, Pierre Lemasson, Hoël Jacq, Antoine Guerchais, Rémi Gillig

Neko Team

QA ManagerSébastien Chipot-Delys
Production ConsultantBarthélémy Solas
Technical ConsultantsNicolas Choiset, Paolo Baerlocher
Level Design ConsultantJulien Petotte
Game Design ConsultantThierry Perreau
Business Development ManagerCédric Bache
General ManagerLaurent Lichnewsky

Puddle Friends

Puddle FriendsENJMIN School
PlaytestsAntoine Sarafian, Kevin Poupard, Adrien Pelov, Baptiste Moisan, Anthony Corre, Julien Barbe
Music (Nova Loss)Aymeric Schwartz
Music (Credit Cherry After Wife)"Victor Parent
Music (Lab Rescue)Yann Van der Cruyssen

Konami U.S. Staff

PresidentShinji Hirano
VP of Acquisitions and Franchise DevelopmentCareen Yapp
Senior Franchise Development ManagerFung Thai
Senior Acquisitions and Franchise Development ManagerYuki Furukawa
Acquisitions Project ManagerAndy Pan
V.P. of OperationsTodd Koniares
Director of Sales Support and OperationsAlaine de Leon
V.P. of Human Resources and AdministrationSuzanne Cantey
Executive Vice President of ProductionKazuya Takahashi
Senior Production ManagerToshikatsu Kikuchi
Senior Executive ProducerJeremy Airey
V.P. of Sales & Marketing and Digital DistributionGeorge Richard
Associate Director of Digital DistibutionYoshinori Aoyagi
Associate Brand ManagerPearl Lu
Director of Public RelationsJay Boor
Associate Public Relations ManagerRobert Santini
Director of Creative ServicesUlises Gerardo
Senior Manager of Creative ServicesRon Walters
Senior Graphic DesignerJames Cunningham
Senior Director of Strategic Marketing and PartnershipsClara Baum
Channel Marketing ManagerRyan Chennault
Associate Channel Marketing ManagerChristopher Placer
Director of Online and Social MediaJames Kwon
Senior Manager of Strategic PlanningAsh Corson
Senior Director of Quality AssuranceWladia Summers
Quality Assurance SupervisorCory Max Bernhardt
Quality Assurance AssistantYumiko Farnsworth
TRG & Submissions CoordinatorThomas Craven
TRG Project LeadsPaul Diaz, Eric Y. Kwan, Drew Rogers
TRG TestersRoger Chang, Nars Del Rosario, Christopher Lane, Justin Schriefer, Kenneth H. Treantafilos, Jacob Trocino, Todd Williams
QA Project LeadKevin Yomchinda
QA Senior TestersDaniel Luna, Childdan Oun
QA TestersGreg Buchold, Anthony Randolph, Philip Wilson, Bache Tom
QA Mastering Lab CoordinatorAfolabi Akibola
QA Mastering Lab SpecialistDouglas Hernandez
Customer Service ManagerBrandis Dutton
Customer Service RepresentativeJennifer Roseman


ToolsBox2D, FMOD Sound System, Angelscript
With the participation of (Avec la participation du)FAJV - Centre national du cinéma de l'image animée et Ministère de l'Economie - des Finances et de l'Industrie

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (506100)