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Signature id and a fresh take on the FPS genre. ResidentHazard (3567) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars
It could have been the best shooter in a very, very long time CKeen The Great (166) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (9 votes) 4.0

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Gaming Nexus (Oct 03, 2011)
RAGE is easily one of the best games of 2011. The game is stunningly gorgeous, the gameplay is incredibly varied, and the entire experience is insanely addictive. There is a ton to do and reason to go back again and again, which is something I love in a game. id Software is considered to be the company that created the modern day FPS and they show their expertise with RAGE.
Game Chronicles (Oct 04, 2011)
Rage looks like a launch title for whatever system Xbox is planning for us next. I still can’t believe my six year old Xbox 360 is capable of delivering the graphics and the gameplay I’ve been enjoying for the past week. Rage is much more than just the best FPS experience I've had in 2011; it is a pivotal and redefining moment for the future of game design that will push your console further than anyone thought it could go. You don’t want to miss this.
DarkZero (Oct 18, 2011)
Rage may not represent the gigantic leap into the next era of games that’s usually embodied by titles by id software, but it has reaffirmed their position as a premier developer when it comes to everything first person shooter-y. I’m sure those looking for a Borderlands/Fallout-esque experience are going to feel shortchanged. But really, how can you expect anything but a high-octane murder-em-up from the people that allowed us to fight a gigantic robotic Hitler all those years ago? A wonderful return from Carmack and his boys. Doom 4 now, please?
GamingExcellence (Oct 04, 2011)
Minor quibbles aside, we here at GamingExcellence have never been so happy to be so enraged. It's a great day for gaming when we can welcome id Software back into our living rooms and computer desks. RAGE is an easy candidate for the best game of the year, and was well worth the wait. Don't miss it.
TeamXbox (Oct 03, 2011)
So to close out this review of RAGE: While the game doesn’t necessarily introduce any kind of ground-breaking gameplay elements, what it does is perform some tried-and-true FPS staples (and some newer concepts too) at a very high level, and hits the mark an overwhelming majority of the time. I am happy to have this game in my collection, and believe that shooter fans the world over would be derelict in their responsibilities as gamers to not give this one a try. It is simply a fun game to play. I had a blast with it, and I hope you do the same as well.
games xtreme (Oct 07, 2011)
Buy RAGE if: You want a solid FPS that does things a little differently. You like id Software and their ideas. You want something that's not the next Call of Duty rinse-repeat action game...and you like the idea of mixing some lite-RPG into your moment to moment shooting. You don't mind some old school shooting action and a little bit of graphical twitchiness in terms of texture pop-in. Don't buy RAGE: If you want to miss out on a really solid game. If you can't get it through your skull that RAGE isn't the next coming of Christ (Borderlands) in RPG form. If any kinds of texture pop-in offends you at all, even the tiniest amount. RAGE is a game that puts all of its elements together and delivers a fun and exciting FPS, not an RPG and once you understand that, you and RAGE will be best friends.
GamingLives (Oct 14, 2011)
When you step back and admire the overall package it’s hard to find fault with Rage. Yes, at times it does try a bit too hard to be things that it isn’t but, for the most part, you’re presented with an incredibly refined and all round fun experience. The combat feels incredibly smooth and fluid, and I would go as far as to say that it’s flawless; this is FPS gameplay at its best and it helps cement id Software as the godfathers of the genre. It’s only when you start to factor in the vehicles that control and handle brilliantly, memorable characters, excellent voice casting, solid multiplayer and a graphical prowess for a console game that is simply staggering that you begin to realise that just how much of a great game Rage actually is.
Brutal Gamer (Oct 14, 2011)
RAGE is the first id game I have truly enjoyed since Quake II. It represents one of the finest titles they have put out and the idTech 5 engine shows great promise on its first outing. The game does suffer from that horrid popping and terrible close up textures. The mechanic of get job, drive ot level, do level, drive back could have used more variety over all as you’ll be ready for it to end come the end of you time. I put twenty glorious hours in to the single player of RAGE and I enjoyed every moment of it. If you want a great shooter that takes what was great of the old school shooter and slaps a next generation engine on it then I can not recommend RAGE any more highly.
Console Monster (Oct 25, 2011)
RAGE has certainly delivered as a step forward in first person shooters and is a refreshing change from the same old games that are released year-in year-out. It’s a shame the main story isn’t a little longer and even doing all the side quests and finding all of the collectables, it still only lasts twenty-five hours or so. The ending will also leave you a little dissatisfied but overall the experience was short and sweet and most certainly worth the money, which is not something that can be said with a lot of releases these days.
Game Informer Magazine (Oct 04, 2011)
Rage’s story and overworld design feel dated, but its heart-pounding gunplay is a nice change of pace in a market filled with “follow me” and pop-and-fire shooters. While light RPG elements are present, this is mainly a game for players who love challenging combat experiences.
90 (Oct 05, 2011)
Mais ce qui reste génial dans RAGE, c'est la cohérence de l'ensemble du jeu, ce formidable équilibre de plein de choses. On a vraiment un FPS riche, ouvert, que l'on aborde dans le sens que l'on souhaite. Je ne suis même pas sur qu'un autre FPS puisse se comparer à RAGE tant il est différent sur le fond. Et je crois que c'est la première fois de ma vie que j'ai envie de dire à iD : encore.
90 (Sep 19, 2011)
Mélangeant aussi allègrement qu'habilement modernité et gameplay old-school, Rage représente la parfaite évolution du FPS "à la id Software". Tout à la fois simple, monstrueusement efficace, brutal et d'une richesse rare pour ce qui reste un FPS linéaire évolué. On plie le genou devant les changements de rythme ou de mécaniques de jeu et la pluralité de l'arsenal, on s'agenouille même carrément rien que pour le boomerang wingstick, magique. Plus sommairement, on prend son pied grâce au feeling des armes qui nous fait oublier certains pistolets à billes devenus trop communs. Quelques défauts, lacunes dans la structure ou errances techniques, nous poussaient à limiter la note à 17, mais quand on met Rage face aux productions actuelles et récentes, on se dit que...
XboxAchievements (Oct 03, 2011)
As a fun and frenetic FPS, Rage delivers in spades. That the same can't be said for the game's story is a real shame. It's especially disappointing as Rage feels like it's building to a strong crescendo, before fizzling out like a damp firework. Rage veers incredibly close to greatness then, but ultimately fails to win itself a cigar.
Rage is a game that once again shows that the programmers at id are truly technical magicians. The visuals and sound are such that they alone make this game worth looking at. In regards to the gameplay, Rage’s overall mechanics are solid, from the control of your character to the driving segments. The only downfall to the gameplay is that the story as a whole is not as strong as other games, but at least there is a story there to enjoy. Rage is a game that is definitely worth the price of admission, and a great start to the legacy of the id Tech 5 game technology.
GamesCollection (Oct 13, 2011)
Tirando le somme gli aspetti negativi possono essere ricercati solo nel fatto che il gameplay si attesti su basi classiche e la sensazione di trovarsi di fronte a qualcosa di già visto pesa sul voto finale. D’altro canto la spettacolarità grafica, unica nel suo genere, rapisce il giocatore e lo proietta in un mondo vivido e splendidamente curato che lo tiene impegnato per 12 ore buone! Consiglio agli amanti del genere di provare questo RAGE... specialmente se siete fan di ID Software: il loro tocco traspare da ogni granello di sabbia desertica!
IGN (Oct 03, 2011)
Rage proves a lot of what we already knew about id Software. The studio knows how to make great shooters and deliver incredible visuals and animations. With some of the elements we’re not as familiar with in id games like an emphasis on story, Rage isn’t as strong. The great controls and useful weapon upgrades help make Rage’s shooting parts a lot of fun, but the storyline fails to create any real tension and the game’s characters, friendly and hostile, never do or say anything memorable. As a result, Rage starts to drag toward the second half after most of the mechanics and upgrades are introduced because the fictional world isn’t very interesting. Despite the lack of genuinely exciting context, all the content packed into Rage is still a blast to play, including the surprisingly entertaining car combat mode and co-operative challenges. Rage isn’t revolutionary, but is an expertly crafted, beautiful shooter.
Armchair Empire, The (Oct 31, 2011)
Rage's setting and environment have all the makings of a full-fledge gaming franchise or at least some solid downloadable content to populate the game world. It would be a shame to see all that effort creating a world go to waste. The shooting is good and the driving/car combat/racing aspects offer a lot of potential to fill out the world even more. As is, Rage is still recommended.
Softpedia (Oct 24, 2011)
Bottom line, Rage is a must-have, must-play game. Many voices have stated that, due to the brief gameplay time, it’s just a demo flaunting id Software's new graphical engine. The game is shorter than expected, indeed, but I assure you, Rage is no demo. Looks are stunning and both the FPS and the car fights are a lot of fun. The complex AI and the huge open world make sure you don't get bored. In my opinion, Rage is a worthy successor of the famous Doom and Quake masterpieces. Even if it does not qualify as the game of the year, it's definitely in the top five. Overall, Rage is the proof that id Software still has a card to play in the ever-changing world of gaming.
83 (Oct 04, 2011)
Schade nur, dass man nach den hoffnungsvollen Intro-Auftakt direkt wieder die »Handlung? Nee, können wir nicht!«-Keule auspackt, denn die Geschichte ist bescheuert und voller Lücken, die größer sind als alles, was ein Asteroid je zurücklassen würde. Ärgerlich ist auch, dass die Welt zwar toll und groß, aber auch sehr leer ist - ein paar Sprungeinlagen hier, ein paar versteckte Objekte da, aber sonst dient das Ödland nur als Zeitvertreib zwischen Stadt und Mission. Sehr große Fragezeichen gehen auch in Richtung Mehrspielermodus: Koop schön und gut, aber kein Deathmatch? In einem Spiel von id Software? Dass ich das nochmal erleben würde! Am Ende ist und bleibt Rage ein guter Shooter, der sich keine groben Schnitzer erlaubt, aber auch weniger bemerkenswert ist, als er zunächst aussieht.
Overall, RAGE is another great shooter from id. The shortcomings in the single-player campaign don't derail the game, but unfortunately, the multiplayer experience is lacking in too many ways. It has no staying power and isn't recommended for anybody looking to spend hours playing against their friends online. Beautiful game? Check. Great game play? 80 percent. Enthralling story? 75 percent. Great multiplayer? Uh ... 10 percent?
Game Over Online (Oct 14, 2011)
In the end, Rage reminds me a lot of Borderlands, another game that, while uniquely awesome in its own way, ultimately left me disappointed: same basic locale, same silent protagonist, same pseudo-open world, same focus on driving to missions, same side quest driven, bare-bones story. To be honest, the fact that Rage is a better shooter with much better vehicle controls is tempered by the lack of RPG elements that would allow you to invest in, or "own," your character. Instead, you're just sort of... there. Having a coherent story to drive the action is necessary, and while we certainly see a distinct lack of that in modern shooters, at least most have more than Rage offers in that regard. Don't get me wrong, Rage is a good game, and one that is certainly worth your time, but I couldn't help feeling like there were a string of missed opportunities to build on a solid foundation that left me not only wanting more, but wondering just how good it could have been.
80 (Oct 19, 2011)
Buy it, play it, enjoy it, then come back with a buddy for double the fun and shoot for those high multi-player scores. Great stuff!
XboxFrance (Nov 10, 2011)
Avec RAGE, ID Software nous prouve une nouvelle fois qu'ils ont un immense talent. Nous faire plonger dans un univers post-apocalyptique aussi soigné est un art dont il faut savoir se délecter. Malgré cela, le titre manque d'un scénario véritablement intéressant, d'un moteur physique aussi performant que le moteur graphique, ainsi que d'un petit soupçon de quelque chose pour en faire un jeu incontournable. En l'état, nous sommes en présence d'un excellent jeu, qui restera à n'en pas douter dans les mémoires, mais pas de la véritable bombe à laquelle nous nous attendions depuis trois ans. Dommage.
Rage est une bien belle surprise qui arrive à point nommé. Bethedsa offre aux joueurs un FPS atypique, au caractère trempé, loin des titres dont le marketing est privilégié face à la qualité. A tous ceux qui ne se retrouvent pas dans un Battlefield 3 ou un Modern Warfare 3, Rage vous proposera de tirer sur tout ce qui bouge pour votre survie dans un environnement différent, sale aussi, mais très vivant. Rage se révèle riche, facile à prendre en main et très immersif. On ne demandait pas mieux pour prendre un peu l'air.
80 (UK) (Oct 04, 2011)
Judged on game design and content, then, it's slightly anachronistic, but as a toy box full of things you can only do in games, Rage is warm-hearted and refreshing. It's not going to change the world, but it does serve as a timely reminder of that other thing id Software games always did besides smashing through some new technological barrier. They made shooting things fun, and it's nice to have that back.
80 (Oct 07, 2011)
Attendu de longue date par une multitude de joueurs, Rage ne déçoit pas. Techniquement très réussi et malgré une fin un rien décevante, il vient parfaitement souligner le fait qu’il est encore possible de proposer des jeux de qualité sur nos consoles vieillissantes sans décevoir les joueurs PC. Le titre d’id Software fait donc partie de ces jeux que vous vous devez de glisser dans votre machine en cette fin d’année chargée. Pour faire simple, Rage : l’essayer, c’est l’adopter !
Rage was first shown as a tech demo back in 2007. That same year, id officially announced that the game was in development; offering up some details of the plot. Eschewing their penchant for dark, atmospheric corridor crawlers – it would set gamers loose on a wild, desolate wasteland. Since that time, a number of shooters have traveled Beyond Thunderdome, taking cues from the Mad Max series and a whole host of apocalyptic fiction. In fact, when I first laid eyes upon Gearbox’s Borderlands, I had to stop and look up Rage to be sure that I had really read all about John Carmack’s prized property in the first place. That’s the problem with long-gestating game development. In four years, what once looked innovative can come across as an also-ran. Rage may not do anything new but it certainly entertains, and sometimes that’s really all we’re screaming for.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Oct 04, 2011)
Sur console, Rage n’atteint pas les sommets espérés, la faute à un manque global de diversité dans l’action et à une jouabilité pas vraiment adaptée à la console. Heureusement, l’Intelligence Artificielle brillante des ennemis conjuguée au dynamisme général des fusillades suffisent à faire du titre d’Id Software un FPS aussi plaisant que marginal.
80 (Oct 04, 2011)
Au global, id Software livre un jeu plus que solide, qui aurait cependant mérité un 3e acte narratif un peu plus poussé, avec un scénario laissant un peu plus de place au mystère (j'aurais bien aimé découvrir par exemple tout un truc sur les circonstances de l'apocalypse), mais surtout doté d'une fin réussie. Reste qu'à jouer, on sent la maîtrise et le peaufinage du studio, qui réussit à allier FPS de grande qualité et côté ouvert d'un monde soigné, grâce à des séquences en véhicule très agréables et à de petites touches supplémentaires à tous les niveaux pour enrichir le gameplay et varier les plaisirs. Peut-être pas le meilleur titre du studio, mais un jeu de belle envergure tout de même.
GameSpot (Oct 04, 2011)
Though the story gets a bit too cliched, there is a robust amount of adventuring to be done in a world that rewards you for your attentions. Rage is a beautiful game that looks equally stunning with or without the hefty installation (which reduces the load times and is optional on the 360 but required on the PS3), so regardless of which platform you play on, you'll find a rich and rewarding adventure that sets a new visual standard for the postapocalyptic wasteland.
Giant Bomb (Oct 04, 2011)
Rage won't set new standards for game design, but if you want to drive and shoot in an incredible-looking wasteland, this is your game.
MAN!AC (Nov 28, 2011)
Wenn bei Dragon Age oder Two Worlds II ein Kampf beginnt, bin ich schon nach Sekunden versucht, die Konsole auszuschalten – ich habe so viel Devil May Cry und Ninja Gaiden gespielt, dass ich die miesen Echtzeit-Kampfsysteme der meisten Rollenspiele kaum tolerieren kann. Das ging mir z.B. auch in Mass Effect so – hier war die Baller-Action meilenweit von der Qualität eines Gears entfernt. Warum ich Euch das erzähle? Weil bei Rage im Gegensatz zu den genannten Beispielen der Actionkern stimmt – die Schießereien steuern sich butterweich, die Waffen haben Dampf und Feinde sinken im Kugelhagel effektvoll zu Boden. Das bisschen Rollenspiel-Drumherum mit einer Oberwelt, kleinen Plaudereien oder dem Annehmen von Sidequests nehme ich gerne an. Außerdem versteht es id wie kaum ein anderer Entwickler, den Erhalt einer stärkeren Waffe zu zelebrieren – hier gibt es nicht schon in den ersten zehn Minuten ein Rotpunkt-Super-MG mit 800 Schuss Munition!
GamingXP (Nov 16, 2011)
“RAGE“ ist linear – okay! –, hat ein weniger als seichtes Gameplay-Gewässer – okay! –, richtig nervig widerstandsfähige Gegner mit einer nervigen KI – okay! –, aber als Pseudo-Rollenspiel so gut wie keine Hintergrundgeschichte bzw. Zielvorgabe und ein nerviges Speicherpunkt-System, wo Sie nie zu speichern vergessen dürfen, da Sie sonst bis zu 30 Minuten Spielzeit nachholen müssen? Was soll denn das? Mit „RAGE“ hat id Software zwar ein nettes Experiment mit abwechslungsreichen, einzeln recht attraktiven Elementen geschaffen, aber dennoch leider durch ein paar fatale Patzer am Ziel vorbeigeschossen. Hoffentlich klappt es beim nächsten Mal besser … ich hätte mir einfach mehr erhofft!
Original Gamer (Oct 21, 2011)
Rage is one of those games that have promise as a series even though the first game is kind of rocky. At about 10 hours of game time, the game can be easily beaten in a rental with a few more hours added on for co-op. I think Id Software made some great strides technically, but they missed the mark on certain aspects of the game, that is, those things that make it more enriching to the player like a good story or a big world with lots to see and do.
Gaming since 198x (Oct 26, 2011)
Rage est super riche et possède un putain de potentiel, seulement il est très court même dans la plus grosse difficulté, et les phases de conduite sont d'un chiant sans égal.
Xboxygen (Oct 21, 2011)
Finalement Rage n’est pas un mauvais bougre. Muni d’un fort potentiel, il souffre d’un manque de finition certain. Revisitant un genre qui souffre d’un manque cruel de créativité, tout en piochant dans le monde du Rpg post-apocalyptique, il n’en reste pas moins un jeu de tir rudement bien réalisé. On regrettera que Id Software ait joué la carte de l’oubli scénaristique qui même pour un FPS aurait permis un intérêt et une profondeur supplémentaires à un univers déjà bien sympathique, avec quelques tentatives d’humour disséminées çà et là, mais trop peu pour rendre le tout exceptionnel. C’est sans doutes à cause de ces détails que Rage ne sera pas relayé au titre de jeu “prenant” qui vous procure cette envie irrésistible de “reviens-y”. Le multijoueur, quant à lui, montre rapidement ses limites, mais reste globalement amusant. Il y a fort à parier que dans les mois qui viennent, le tout se voit enrichi par du contenu téléchargeable de plus ou moins bonne qualité...
The A.V. Club (Oct 10, 2011)
Most heartbreaking of all, especially to longtime id fans, is that id has created something so overtly familiar. Doom, Quake, and their various sequels gave the impression that id designers never bothered playing anything but their own games. Yet huge swaths of Rage are lifted wholesale from Fallout 3, Borderlands, and BioShock, making Rage forever veer between loving homage and blatant plagiarism. In the end, Rage is an insecure, overly busy game that tries too hard to be too many things, and winds up with a greasy sheen of flop-sweat on its brow.
50 (Nov 14, 2011)
Overall I was not impressed with Rage, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is entertaining but there is a lot that could have been added. A larger map that you can travel at your own pace, a level system for your character and the ability to customize weapons would have added a lot to the game. If you feel the need to play Rage I recommend renting it as their is almost no replay value to it.
Rage är som ett snyggt men tomt paket: man blir glad av det stiliga omslaget och väldigt besviken över innehållet.