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You'll get several hours of play out of the expansion, and if you enjoyed the original game's campaign you'll have fun with this one. I wish the story was a little deeper and that there were more missions available, but I liked the original game so much that in the end I was happy enough with more of the same. If you weren't a big fan of the original game, though, there's nothing here that will change your opinion of the game.
3D Juegos (Aug 14, 2009)
Demonios de las Badlands es un entretenido añadido únicamente recomendable para los que ansiaron más misiones y duración para Red Faction: Guerrilla. El add-on no ofrece nada esencialmente nuevo, y sí un interesante puñado de misiones, armas y vehículos de los que habremos dado cuenta en un par de horas.
70 (UK) (Aug 10, 2009)
While it's true that Demons of the Badlands doesn't offer a great deal that wasn't already offered up in spades by Red Faction Guerrilla, as a standalone episode it actually delivers on the game's potential better than the parent game ever did. By refining the elements which made it fun, granting you all the toys and stripping away almost all of the laborious tasks, Volition has served up something more in line with what we expected in the first place. If your appetite for destruction remains unsated, it's well worth diving in - just don't expect anything too revolutionary.
GameSpot (Aug 18, 2009)
Marauders are mostly mute or talk in gibberish, and you actually speak to only a few people. Conversations aren't exactly Red Faction: Guerrilla's strong suit, but Demons of the Badlands relies heavily on Samanya's internal monologue and distills weighty emotional struggles down to their barest essence. This narrative simplicity reinforces the feeling that this content is a bit truncated, though in actuality, you'll get a few solid hours of gameplay here. The new area has that feral Marauder feeling, with plenty of strange ruins and interesting vertical spaces to explore. The raw strength of your weapons echoes this ferocity, and the Marauder's version of the giant mining walker is especially fearsome. Despite its limitations, Demons of the Badlands is a good buy at 800 Microsoft points ($10) because it offers more of Red Faction: Guerrilla's greatest strength: the thrill of destruction.
70 (Aug 14, 2009)
Il est évident que Démons des Badlands n'invente rien, mais il mixe tous les éléments de Red faction avec plus de justesse que le jeu original. On obtient donc une extension agréable et dynamique qu'on traversera avec plaisir.
DarkZero (Aug 12, 2009)
Those few niggles aside, it’s hard to find fault really. The demolition missions that posed as an amusing chaos-orientated puzzle feature have made a welcome return, scattered across the valley and now requiring far more thought and ingenuity than those offered in Guerrilla. There are hostage missions and driving missions and everything you’d have expected there to be. Then again, this may well be the fault. If you enjoyed Red Faction then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy this, you’ll appreciate the changes and you’ll appreciate the new missions and plot twists. At the same time, you’ll finish it quickly and find yourself longing for more. It’s worth it just to spend a little more time on Mars with some bombs and some high powered lasers, just don’t expect anything drastically new.
Gaming Age (Aug 28, 2009)
In short, the expansion feels sort of like the modern Castlevania standby in "Richter Mode" wherein a jaunt with a new character involves a far simplified gameplay mechanic. However, the relevant thing to remember is that Demons of the Badlands not only simplifies the gameplay--but also the area it's in. You have no way of taking the fight to the normal map, which would have given this expansion some much-needed legs.