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TeamXbox (Jun 16, 2009)
The gameplay concept here isn’t unique (as I indicated with the little history lesson at review’s opening), but it’s just plain fun, with the presentation adding to the entertainment. There’s a sameness that hit you about the gameplay after you’ve played for a while, but that point will come for most people well after the smile is put on the face. It’s kind of like Peggle, which is a game that anyone can play and understand, but is challenging to master. Granted, Rocket Riot is a bit more of a gamer’s game than Peggle, the same basic concepts and enjoyment are there. I recommend it highly for those needing something to tide them over through the summer.
89 (Jun 21, 2009)
Rocket Riot is without doubt one of the most enjoyable and addictive games on Xbox Live Arcade today, it’s so much fun, has great presentation and to add to this it has a fantastic multiplayer mode. This is one game that anyone with Xbox Live should not miss out on, it really is a riot.
88 (Jun 29, 2009)
Rocket Ride is a great game for the XBLA. The simple, but addictive, gameplay mechanics make this a perfect fit for the downloadable platform. Whether you want to play different types of single player modes, co-op, deathmatch, and keep track of your listing on Leaderboards, this game has it all. It’s a great title for 800 MS Points and is highly recommended. At the very least, check out the demo just to take a peak at the game’s creative visual style.
Atomic Gamer (Aug 11, 2009)
And that's really what keeps this game going. Rocket Riot is highly original, despite its simplistic design and seemingly trivial action. It takes some practice to move around unpredictably while firing those rockets, and the wacky firefights that ensue can't really be found elsewhere on the Xbox 360. With a solid single player mode and decent set of online offerings, Rocket Riot pleasantly surprised me.
Vandal Online (Jun 17, 2009)
Codeblue nos ha deleitado con una de las obras imprescindibles para todos aquellos poseedores de una Xbox 360. Pese a que la obra no sale en formato físico y eso puede echar para atrás a más de un jugador clásico que no se atreva con las nuevas tecnologías, hay que destacar que la obra derrocha originalidad y carisma por los cuatro costados, y que su jugabilidad y adicción están a la par. El modo campaña es lo suficientemente denso como para aprender a jugar bien a la obra, pero donde realmente se disfruta más derrotando a los enemigos es en el modo resistencia y en su vertiente online, lugar para batirse con jugadores de todo el mundo y que, sin duda, será un lugar ideal para que los jugadores más experimentados y aférrimos al género lleven a cabo sus carnicerías selectas.
GameFocus (Jul 01, 2009)
THQ and Codeglue have got a winner on their hands. Rocket Riot is a very stylized, 3D rendered, 2D side view shooter that is fast, furious, doesn’t take itself too seriously and is just simply a hell of a lot of fun to play. Rocket Riot is a casual game that pretty much anyone can pick up and enjoy. The action is fast paced and exciting and there is a lot of content available for 800 MS points. Hardcore gamers will love the challenge of the single player campaign and more casual players will love the multiplayer modes and earlier campaign levels. Rocket spamming has never been more fun!
XGN (Jun 17, 2009)
Codeglue heeft de Nederlandse gamers iets gegeven waar we wederom trots op kunnen zijn. Rocket Riot is een simpel, maar geniaal spel. De bediening van de game is erg eenvoudig en alles is erg overzichtelijk, ondanks de chaos die er soms op het scherm te zien is. Het feit dat er gekozen is voor een retrostijl wat betreft de achtergronden is uniek en geeft een goede sfeer af. Codeglue heeft dan ook een mooie mix neergezet om gamers van jong en oud voor vele uren stil te houden.
82 (Jun 30, 2009)
Per 800 Microsoft Points, Rocket Riot regala diverse ore di divertimento, alcuni buoni spunti e una quantità di opzioni. L'idea in sé e per sé non è originalissima ma le dinamiche, un misto tra Geometry Wars e Worms, fanno brillantemente il loro lavoro. Sicuramente da provare e, in caso d'acquisto, anche da tenere pronto per qualche veloce partita in compagnia.
Gamervision (Jul 31, 2009)
I was very surprised by how much fun I had with Rocket Riot. I generally don’t love two-stick shooters, but I was quickly won over by the art style, destructible environments, and humorous gameplay. Though the single-player campaign could get a bit stale, there was enough variety to keep me coming back for more, and the addition of several multiplayer modes made the game even better. Rocket Riot may not have gotten the same attention as some other high-profile downloadable games, but it's certainly worth ten dollars. It’s familiar, but also unique, and definitely fun.
Console Monster (Jul 26, 2009)
To conclude, Rocket Riot is a blast. The game’s unique design and style makes it stand out against many of the other titles available on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, and at 800 Microsoft Points, this is yet another title to consider adding to your collection.
80 (Jul 23, 2009)
Rocket Riot is a simple game in all areas, but the core gameplay is great fun and the visuals have a retro feel that gives the game a trendy appearance. You might grow slightly tired of the rocket launching gameplay if you only plan to play alone, but assuming you're going to venture online or play with some friends on a single machine it's well worth its 800 Microsoft Point price tag.
DarkZero (Jul 05, 2009)
Rocket Riot is a great little game, one of the best I’ve played on Xbox Live Arcade in quite a while. There’s something about it that almost makes you feel like you’ve played it before, and several elements are reminiscent of other games. The controls feel a little like Jetpac, the power ups are similar in style to Worms; it borrows from several retro classics. All in all, if you like your retro games then you are going to love this.
GamesRadar (Jun 30, 2009)
The frantic pace of the main 80-mission campaign mode is nothing in comparison to the all-out frenzy of multiplayer matches. A.I. adversaries can provide a persistent challenge, but human opponents fire faster and tend to fill the screen with random arcs of wayward rockets and blinding explosions of pixels within mere seconds. The resulting chaos is entertaining, if not a bit over-stimulating. With creative level designs and tons of playable characters to unlock, Rocket Riot offers hours of explosive-fueled enjoyment before the fun starts to wane.
80 (Jun 20, 2009)
Hoewel de multiplayercomponent duidelijk het meeste potentieel heeft, bevat Rocket Riot ook een bijzonder degelijke en gevarieerde singleplayercampagne. De singleplayercampagne omvat tachtig missies met uiteenlopende doelen. Meestal moet je gewoon de tegenstanders verslaan, maar de makers komen zo nu en dan behoorlijk creatief uit de hoek. Ook is er zowaar een verhaaltje aan de singleplayermodus opgehangen, een subtiele parodie op andere gameverhaaltjes die een vergezochte verklaring zoeken voor de gebeurtenissen in het spel. Verzin maar eens waarom we het ene moment op een piratenschip zitten, en even later binnen in een computer? En waarom hebben we geen benen, maar komt er vuur uit onze kont? Rocket Riot slaagt erin om alles in een paar zinnen te verklaren.
80 (Jun 26, 2009)
Rocket Riot ist eine ungemein kurzweilige Mischung aus Geometry Wars, Jetpack und Worms auf Speed. Man fliegt durch komplett zerstörbare Pixelwelten, die sich mit der Zeit wieder neu formieren, trotzt der Schwerkraft, sammelt verheerende Power-Ups und deckt seine Gegner mit Raketensalven ein. Bei acht wild um sich ballernden Spielern wird's je nach Spielmodus zwar teils extrem chaotisch und man vermisst sonst gängige Anpassungsmöglichkeiten wie deaktivierbares Friendy Fire oder eine manuelle Einschränkung der verfügbaren Power-Ups, aber die meiste Zeit ist Rocket Riot einfach eine Mordsgaudi, der man sowohl mit bis zu drei Freunden offline als auch mit bis zu acht Teilnehmern online bzw. via System-Link frönen kann. Auch für Solisten wird einiges geboten, wobei sich die mitunter durchaus interessanten Aufgaben der 80 Levels umspannenden Story-Kampagne zu oft wiederholen und teils unnötige Längen aufweisen.
Worth Playing (Aug 21, 2009)
Rocket Riot is a great example of how a game can come out with little to no hype and still be a wonderful gem. The graphical art style is unique enough for it to stand out in a positive light, and the audio is also just as good. The controls take a bit of getting used to, but that unfamiliarity only lasts a minute or two. Even though the online portion is barren, both local multiplayer and the single-player modes give the title enough meat to make it worth the money. Players should try out the demo to discover just how crazy and fun Rocket Riot can be.
GameSpot (Jul 02, 2009)
Rocket Riot is the perfect game for people who like to sit on the couch with their friends and duke it out with an endless supply of missiles. The single-player campaign is fun while it lasts, but the real value here is in multiplayer brawls. It's disappointing that there don't seem to be many online matches, but when you destroy your friend in slow-motion pixel-busting glory, you really want him to be sitting next to you anyway.
70 (UK) (Aug 04, 2009)
These kinds of thing arise from a game's limitations, from the fumbling interactions of a small group of rules. In a time when Xbox Live Arcade seems to be lurching towards bigger and slicker titles, Rocket Riot takes you back to the early days of the service, when colours were bright, goals were simple, and the score meant everything.