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Saints Row features several famous actors providing voices throughout the city of Stilwater.

David Carradine has appeared in several martial arts films, including the acclaimed Kill Bill films. Other notable film and TV stars include Michael Clarke Duncan, who starred opposite Tom Hanks in The Green Mile, and Daniel Dae Kim, who has appeared in the hit TV shows Lost and Star Trek.

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On January 31, 2007 THQ announced plans to port the game over to PlayStation 3 but on May 05, 2007 THQ's CFO Edward Zinser announced the cancellation of the port in a conference call with analysts, in order to shift focus onto the upcoming Saints Row 2.

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Where to place the apostrophe in Saints Row was actually a bit of a debate. Saints' Row was favored by the resident English majors while Saint's Row was the preferred form by most everyone else. The final version without the apostrophe was chosen because no one respects proper grammar anymore.

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A censored version for the German market, internally called "Saints Row BRD" (BRD = Federal Republic of Germany), has the following "features":

  • "Mayhem" and "Hitman" activities (both condoned violence against either law enforcement or innocents) have been removed.
  • Corpses disappear almost instantly
  • Less blood
Some achievements have been changed to reflect the missing activities.

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The game's title was originally Saint's Row but was changed to Saints Row because the apostrophe made the title look ugly on the box.

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