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Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jun 24, 2010)
Gillar du actionspel bör du definitivt ge Singularity en chans. Likaså om du kanske tappat tron i genren och vill se något fräsch. Det är sällan action, äventyr, pussel och story gifter sig så här bra och bildar en så övertygande helhet. Singularity kommer att stå emot tidens tand riktigt bra - betydligt bättre än de stackars ryssar jag möter på Katorga-12.
88 (Jul 21, 2010)
What a waste of a perfectly decent videogame. Activision should hang its corporate head in shame, directly after it offers the development team at Raven a public apology for so savagely shafting its work on Singularity. If there were any justice in this world, and my opinion amounted to anything more than a whisper lost amid a crowd of screaming maniacs, every shooter fan would promptly purchase Singularity in order to drag it back from the depths of hell to which it has been so unfairly consigned. But, in the meantime, at least we can all look forward to the wonders of Tony Hawk Ride 2.
80 (UK) (Jun 25, 2010)
Very little here hasn't been seen elsewhere before, but Singularity has more to recommend it than simply being a polished, entertaining collection of well-executed clichés and set-pieces. It's the first game I've played in ages that realises first-person shooters can bundle in as much philosophy and as many moral dilemmas as they like, but fundamentally they're still about shooting monsters in the face, and so what it lacks in originality it makes up for in variety, pacing and exuberance. First-person shooters are always silly! Well done to Raven for making one that likes being silly.
XboxAchievements (Jul 16, 2010)
A frenetic and fun title that is held short of true greatness by a lack of imagination in places, with a story that is only so-so and a multiplayer that needs a few more modes (and players) to be truly satisfying. Having said that, for a good old fashioned bit of entertainment, Singularity will not steer you far wrong.
80 (Jul 30, 2010)
Singularity offers a good shooter for people that want a single player shooter to go through. The multiplayer is fun as well, but balancing issues can make the mutants be too powerful in many matches. While many elements in the game have been seen before, Singularity manages to tie them together and produce an enjoyable experience. This shooter is one of the better summer titles this year, and shooter fans should give this a try.
GameSpot (Jun 28, 2010)
Singularity isn't a groundbreaking shooter, but it's an incredibly fun one. This is an example of how fluid pacing and a tongue-in-cheek attitude can make old conventions exciting again. Disappointing visuals and a smattering of minor flaws keep this first-person shooter from feeling completely modern, but not every game must probe the human soul to achieve greatness. Singularity achieves it with variety, moving you from one enjoyable sequence to the next without lingering too long on any given moment. Besides, this is a game in which you can both snipe hardened Soviet soldiers in bullet time and heal your teammates by puking on them. And is there any greater selling point?
GamersGlobal (Jun 29, 2010)
Nein, Singularity erfindet das Shooter-Genre nicht neu. Stattdessen schnappt es sich Ideen mehrerer Konkurrenten und formt damit ein neues, unterhaltsames und gelungenes Spielerlebnis. Die originelle Hintergrundgeschichte ist spannend und actionreich erzählt. Sie motivierte uns zusammen mit den unterschiedlichen Einsatzmöglichkeiten des ZMGs immer wieder zum Weiterspielen. Nur den Mehrspieler-Modus haben die Entwickler trotz toller Ideen zu stiefmütterlich umgesetzt. Zweiter Kritikpunkt ist die nur auf Masse setzende KI im Solomodus. Nichtsdestotrotz sollten 3D-Action-Fans Singularity auf keinen Fall verpassen, es ist endlich mal wieder etwas anderes als nur der 30. Weltkriegs-Shooter- oder Moderner-Krieg-Klon.
67 (Jun 28, 2010)
Singularity ist wie Wolfenstein ist wie Quake 4: Absolut solide Action, die gut sieben Stunden lang den Ballerfinger mehr und das Gehirn weniger bemüht, sehr ordentlich aussieht und unterhält. Aber es hat nichts Einzigartiges: Die Grafik ist sehr gut, aber nicht weltbewegend, das Spielprinzip eine Mischung aus so ziemlich jedem größeren Shooter, den es da draußen gibt - u.a. standen Half-Life 2, BioShock und TimeShift in mehrfacher Hinsicht sehr deutlich Pate. Als simpler, aber spaßiger Shooter ist Wolfenstein aus gleichem Hause empfehlenswerter; Singularity wäre gern mehr, verheddert sich aber in seinen Ambitionen. Am Ende bleibt eine durchschnittliche Ballerei von der Dutzendware-Stange, die zwar weit von den Abgründen eines Necrovision 2 entfernt ist, aber nichts Außergewöhnliches bietet, das sie länger als nötig im Gedächtnis verweilen lässt.
Video Game Talk (Aug 06, 2010)
Overall, Singularity has an entertaining story that's somewhat hampered by simplistic puzzles and a general lack of difficulty. Players that are really into the narrative will be happy to find out that there are 3 different endings to the single player story, but a full playthough is not required to experience all of them. Singularity strikes me as the perfect rental for a rainy day, but I would recommend against purchasing it until trying out the multiplayer.