Sonic the Hedgehog Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main menu
Starting off in the Green Hill Zone.
A hidden monitor grants Sonic invincibility.
While invincible, enemies cannot hurt Sonic.
Sonic can speed through tight tunnels such as these.
Collect 100 rings for an extra life.
Watch out for Piranha robots jumping from underneath.
When you finish a stage, your points are tallied up.
If you jump into the big ring that sometimes appears, you can enter the constantly rotating Special Stage.
Special Stages can earn you mysterious Chaos Emeralds as well as continues.
Be wary of the rotating spikes on the floor.
Dr. Robotnik is out to get Sonic with his wrecking ball.
Robotnik fails, not for the first time.
Sonic frees his remaining trapped friends.
The Marble Zone has sinking platforms which trail lava.
Steep slopes give Sonic plenty of speed.
Watch out for these crushing glass pillars!
Marble blocks drop to help Sonic cross the lava.
Sometimes, Sonic will need to ride moving marble blocks.
Time your jumps to get past these shifting pillars.
Sonic can break through these shatterable marble blocks.
Some areas rain lava pillars onto Sonic - be careful!
Crossing another river of lava.
Sonic can stand on these retractable spikes to reach higher places.
You'll have to work quickly to cross these two weights.
Robotnik returns, aiming to burn Sonic to a crisp!
The Spring Yard Zone is full of springs that bounce Sonic all over the place.
This spring will bounce Sonic into bumpers, like a pinball machine.
Wait for these platforms to sink, then go to the lower level.