'Splosion Man Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Main menu.
Level select menu. The cakes are hidden collectables on each level.
'Splosion Man prepares for mayhem.
Spinning loading screen.
Press any button to 'splode!
Detonate yourself to launch yourself higher.
Explosive barrels launch you further.
You can grab ledges if you get close.
Boss battle.
Some levels have rising water you have to outrun.
Ricochet off walls to climb levels, like an exploding Ninja Gaiden.
Leave no scientist un-sploded!
Scientists explode into bouncing cuts of meat.
You can splode three times in midair before you have to recharge (signified by the black ash).
The camera shifts dynamically to catch the action.
Levels are horizontal and vertical.
Use fat guys to shield yourself from gunfire (this also works in real life).
'Splosion Man takes great joy in tormenting his hapless creators.