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Stacking might not be the longest downloadable title, nor is it the best. It is, however, the most fun I’ve had playing a single player video game this year. Amid all the blockbuster FPSs and survival horror titles, a game about playing dolls has captured my attention and become my favorite single player title of the year so far. Its charming story and environments combined with compelling puzzles makes this a title well worth your time and money. Playing with dolls is awesome after all.
Worth Playing (Feb 08, 2011)
Deceptively cute, strikingly subversive and creatively inspired, Stacking appeals to both the casual and hardcore audiences in a single shot. The game is short enough to play through in a single day, but all of the optional content means there is plenty to do after the credits roll. If Double Fine keeps putting out downloadable titles of this caliber, it may never have to release another disc-based game.
GameSpot (Feb 08, 2011)
If you approach Stacking simply as an adventure to complete, you'll find it to be a very short and easy game. You can plow through the story in just a few short hours, and the built-in hint system can remove even the slightest bit of challenge from the puzzles if you choose. But to look at Stacking this way is to miss most of what the game has to offer. What you get for your $15 (or for free, if you're a PlayStation Plus member) is not just an adventure game with a number of well-designed and satisfying puzzles to solve, though it certainly is that. It's also an enchanting and imaginative world that encourages you to remember what it was like to just play around for the sheer fun of it, without being constantly focused on goals. Like the beautiful dolls who populate it, Stacking is an elegant creation, the pieces fitting together to create something that's much more magical than the sum of its parts.
RetroManiac (Aug, 2011)
Con todo, Stacking no es un juego muy largo, y aunque os perdáis dos o tres veces, al final conseguiréis lo que buscabais y seguiréis avanzando. Hablar con los personajes puede ser algo pesado, pero todo esto se ve contrarestado gracias a la estupenda atmósfera que se respira en todo el título, y a la jugabilidad reposada a la que nos obliga un título de este calado, lo cual realmente se agradece teniendo en cuenta los tiempos que nos han tocado vivir…
80 (UK) (Feb 09, 2011)
As downloads go, this is generous and imaginative, then, and the richness of the world is more than enough to make up for an occasionally tricksy camera, a fair amount of backtracking and a tendency to pad things out as it heads towards the final act. Stacking's sweet, thoughtful, and perfect to play if you're bored of the usual videogame destinations. When it comes to games, then, what you forget can be as important as the things you remember.
80 (Feb 10, 2011)
Das rätselorientierte Spielprinzip drängt sich angesichts der Stapelpuppen als Protagonisten geradezu natürlich auf, wird fantasievoll umgesetzt und von einer liebevoll gestalteten Kulisse eingefangen. Versehen mit minimalistischen, aber dennoch erstaunlichen Emotionen auslösenden Animationen und gewürzt mit einer Prise typischen Double Fine-Humors, wird man schneller in das Abenteuer gezogen, als man Matrjoschka schreiben kann. Es gibt viel zu entdecken und auszuprobieren, wodurch die Mankos der im letzten Drittel zu offensichtlichen Lösungen sowie die insgesamt kurze Kernspielzeit für die Hauptstory etwas abgemildert werden. Stacking liefert einen gelungenen Beweis dafür ab, dass "kleine" Spiele nicht aus Wimmelbildern oder "Match-3"-Varianten bestehen müssen, wenn Kreativität und Artdesign aufeinander abgestimmt werden.
80 (Feb 11, 2011)
Stacking confirme que Double Fine Productions est une équipe avec laquelle il faut compter. Réalisé pendant le développement de Brütal Legend, ce titre semble pourtant avoir été l'objet d'une grande attention, tant dans son design accrocheur et son univers parfaitement fignolé que dans son gameplay intelligent permettant de trouver plusieurs solutions à un même problème. Si vous cherchez quelques heures de véritable plaisir avec un jeu possédant son propre caractère, ne cherchez pas plus loin, vous êtes au bon endroit.
Softpedia (Feb 17, 2011)
Overall, Stacking is definitely something we've never seen before, and really shows how Double Fine can work outside the box. It does feel a bit short and some challenges are a bit hit or miss, but, in the end, Stacking is a great and unique experience, perfect for both hardcore gamers and more casual ones, that want to unwind with their friends or families.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 16, 2011)
Yet Stacking doesn’t strike us as a game focused on difficulty. It’s a game for those interested in creativity, humour and fun - a toy box full of variety and imagination that rewards playfulness and exploration. It’s a shining example of how downloadable games can go beyond our measured expectations and impress in the ways the big boys, restricted by their massive budgets, often fail to do. With Stacking Double Fine have done more than enough to earn your 1200 electrocoins. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to encourage them to make more games like this.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 01, 2011)
Uiterst charmant en stapelmaf puzzelplezier dat zelfs volwassen thema's als kinderarbeid en economische depressie niet schuwt. Neem er wel de korte speelduur en het gratuite hintsysteem bij. (Feb 13, 2011)
If you’re looking for some short puzzle fun, Stacking will be right up your alley. The puzzles are challenging, yet don’t overstay their welcome before advancing the game. Some puzzles can be solved in seconds, while other solutions may have you scratching your head thinking for a bit. The game should definitely be checked out, if only to see how a game about Russian nesting dolls can be so good.