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Title Screen
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Every stunt scene starts with a briefing by the director. In this first scene of "Aftershock" we need to jump the ramp...
... and then hit the gap between two oncoming precision drivers.
And now the actual shoot. First the ramp...
... and then the gap. Yellow icons on the track always remind us what to do.
Another scene from "Aftershock", this time we're driving a motorcycle to grandma's house in the middle of a volcanic eruption.
One of the key stunts here is a huge jump that (hopefully) ends on top of this truck.
In "Strike Force Omega" we get to use big vehicles like this Scud Missile truck. We're a little off track here and it is going to be difficult the hit the gap under the bridge now.
Our film character is trying to escape the bad guys in this scene. Our job here is to simply ram their motorcycles.
Another scene from "Strike Force Omega". This time we double for an enemy agent.
"Never kill me again" is clearly a James-Bond-style agent movie. Snow and ice are the dominating environment here.
The "Night Avenger" is clearly a Batman-like Superhero. In this scene we get to drive his rocket-powered super car.
Another scene from "Night Avenger", this time a hot pursuit on the rocket bike.
The key stunts of a scene are shown from an outside perspective and in slow motion - but only if you do them correctly.
Every scene earns you one to five stars depending on your performance. A certain number of stars is required to advance to the next movie.
Apart from shooting movies there are a few "Odd Jobs" you can do, like shooting TV commercials or starring in live stunt shows.
This is a TV commercial for a delivery service. It uses the "Aftershock" film set, but our job is to drive a delivery truck this time.
The monster truck scene in "Whoopin and a Hollerin' II" is great fun.
Every scene has a sequence of key stunts. For example, hitting that ramp...
... making a big jump (going fast and straight is everything)...
... and crashing into the water tower! This has earned us a "Taurus World Stunt Awards" nomination.
A scene from "Overdrive": The fire truck is fast, but difficult to handle. This crash, however, was intentional and is part of the script.
Some stunt scenes involve crashing through buildings. Don't worry, the guy in the foreground is a professional stuntman as well.
When we finish a movie we get to see the movie trailer for the first time. "Aftershock", for instance...
... is all about a Volcano. Wait, wasn't there a movie called "Volcano"?
Scene from the "Night Avenger" movie trailer. Scenes from the movie are mixed...
...with the stunt scenes we have previously shot.